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The Church Within Records
Distribution G /A / S : Alive
Distribution UK & Worldwide: Code 7 / Plastic Head


Following his departure as longtime vocalist for Chicago doom legends TROUBLE in 2008, Eric Wagner promptly removed himself from the spotlight and began intently writing new material of a more personal nature. Those writing sessions would yield the musical inspiration for BLACKFINGER. Described adamantly as a “band” and not a “project”, BLACKFINGER began to take shape as a unit in 2009, with Wagner recruiting hometown friends Rico Bianchi and Doug Hakes on guitars, Ben Smith on bass, and Larry Piatz on drums. Over the course of the next four years, the group would meticulously craft and commit eleven tracks to tape. These tracks, with their many peaks and valleys of heaviness and melancholy, along with Wagner's signature vocals, would ultimately become the self titled debut album. “Blackfinger” will mark the singer’s first recorded output since TROUBLE's 2007 release "Simple Mind Condition".

Between 2010 and 2012, BLACKFINGER would find themselves playing a handful of high profile hometown shows in the Chicago area to great acclaim, and Dark Star Records would tease the crowds further with their release of the band’s “All The Leaves Are Brown” single. Add two triumphant appearances at Milwaukee’s Days Of The Doomed Fest I & II, and interest in BLACKFINGER quickly became a major buzz in the doom metal scene and beyond.

In August of 2013, fans of Eric and BLACKFINGER were put on notice that it would not be much longer before the debut record would be unleashed. BLACKFINGER signed a worldwide deal with Germany’s prestigious The Church Within Records, home to several of the most revered bands in the genre. While Dark Star Records will continue to handle all digital versions, the full length CD and limited edition vinyl promise to be out on The Church Within Records before the end of 2013. The story of BLACKFINGER has only just begun…

1. I am Jon
2. Yellowwood
3. Why God ?
4. On Tuesday Morning
5. As long As I`m With You
6. Here Comes The Rain
7. Keep Falling Down
8. My Many Colored Days
9. For one More Day
10. All the Leaves are Brown
11. Til Death Do Us Part


Eric Wagner - vocals
Rico Bianchi - guitar
Doug hakes - guitar
Larry Piatz - drums
Ben Smith – bass

the hard side of life
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