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To Sail Black Waters
Secrets Of The Sky


Kolony Records / Alive


Oakland, California-based progressive doom metal sextet SECRETS OF THE SKY (three of the band’s six members each contributing with multiple instruments) projects a unique brand of cinematic, cerebral, atmospheric metal with a heavy persuasion towards doom metal and even more blackened influences citing The Ocean, Opeth, Isis, Agalloch and others.

The debut album from this new but skilled act, ‘To Sail Black Waters’, is a modern and unique mix of elements from a multitude of genres. With up to three guitar tracks, two and three keyboards at a time and a multitude of vocal styles — clean and epic lines against hollow and blackened battle cries and crushing, low-end growls — the band creates huge buildups and epic movements as expansive as the cosmos.

● Recorded at Trident Studios, California with engineer/producer Juan Urteaga (Testament, Machine Head, …)

● The band has played shows with Torche, KEN Mode, Black Cobra amongst others

● A must for fans of The Ocean, Opeth, Isis, Agalloch


1. Winter
2. Decline
3. Sunrise
4. Black Waters


Garett Gazay – Vocals
Clayton Bartholomew – Guitars & Keys
Chris Anderson – Guitars & Keys
Andy Green – Guitars
Ryan Healy – Bass
Lance Lea – Drums


Oakland, California's Secrets of the Sky began life in 2010 when Chris Anderson (guitars, keys) and Clayton Bartholomew (guitars, keys) put their heads together and started writing material which would eventually shapeshift into what is currently the "Secrets" sound... cinematic, cerebral, atmospheric post metal with doomy, proggy, blackened influences.

The two went through a number of drummers and bass players before finding the right fit in drummer Lance Lea in 2010, and bassist Ryan Healy, third guitarist Andy Green and vocalist Garett Gazay in 2011. The line-up wrote for the better part of a year, crafting the majority of the material which was to become "To Sail Black Waters", the bands first studio full length. The six piece ensemble recorded "To Sail Black Waters" over the course of eight months with engineer/producer Juan Urteaga (Testament, Machine Head, Cattle Decapitation, etc) at Trident Studios and began to play live shows throughout the Bay Area early in 2012.

Secrets of the Sky have garnered immediate live interest, playing shows up and down the West Coast in support of such acts as Saviours, Torche, Black Cobra and KENmode.

In 2013 the band signed a deal with Italian metal label Kolony Records for a worldwide release of “To Sail Black Waters”.

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