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Just Pretend (EP)
Mary Fay


Perennity Records / Sound Pollution / Rough Trade


How does it sound when musician with over 20 years of collective experience in various rock, metal and punk bands beat their heads together to create something completely new?

Mary Fay combines the best from the 90's with the kontemporära rock and metal scene and season with many own ingredients. Trying to emulate the result of something else is difficult, but the horizon ranges from catchy pop punk a la Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, etc., to significantly faster hardcore-influenced songs with roots in bands like Rise Against. And somewhere in the middle you will find even more ominous pieces influenced by 90's bands like Paradise Lost, Katatonia and more.

Mary Fay released her debut album 'This Beautiful Storm' in October 2010. The band has since played extensively throughout Europe and won the hearts of both Frankfurt and Prague, released three music videos and two singles. They have shared the stage with well-known bands like Sabaton, Sonic Syndicate, Entombed and others, and also played at festivals like Arvika festival. Peace & Love and Rock Stad Falun. Now the band relase a 4 song EP that shows where Mary Fay stands musically in 2013. 'Just Pretend' is the first release in a series of a total of three conceptual EPs that will eventually become an album that will be released in spring 2014th Part two and three are scedueld to be released the this fall 2013 and spring 2014, even those with four tracks and related audiovisual productions.


01. Just Pretend
02. Still Here Breathing
03. This Wall Between Us
04. Beginnings


Alexander Backlund – Vocals & Guitars
Jonas Asplind – Bass & Vocals
Peter Bergman - Drums

the hard side of life
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