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High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


THE LEVITATION HEX’s debut definitely wasn’t something for metal traditionalists, and the same is true for their sophomore album “Cohesion”. It is another case of extraordinary music that will mainly appeal to people who don’t place any constraints on their taste in music.

To many reviewers the debut was the logical consequence of what frontman Adam Agius had been doing with his former band Alchemist, especially during “Tripsis” days. With their second LP, The Levitation Hex are now emancipating themselves from Alchemist more and more: “Cohesion” brims with a variety of sounds and moods you don't usually get from a run-of-the-mill metal record. It also includes mellotron and organ parts, but no synthesizers at all – a fact that was of great importance to Adam: “We like the use of instruments other than guitar to flavour certain sections of the music. In the past I had used synthesizers many times in Alchemist, so I decided that there would be no synths at all on this album.”

“Cohesion” is still a lot like the debut in that it’s impossible to put a label on the music – it is simply too unique and multifarious, cherry-picking from Stoner & Space Rock, Psychedelic and 70s progressive rock, all based on a solid ground of old school Thrash and Death Metal.

“Cohesion” was recorded over a couple of years in a studio in Canberra called “The Brewdio”. It was mixed at the same studio and engineered and produced by Kaarnt Herating and Ima Deffman. Just as for the eponymous debut, artwork duties for “Cohesion” were handled by Sydney-based illustrator and graphic artist Glenno Smith, who once again did an amazing job.


1. Disrate
2. Energy Refund
3. Amygdala
4. The Things Time Can't Mend
5. Sleeping Synapse
6. Buried In A World
7. Hipokritikill
8. The Reflection
9. Waste Of Worry


Adam Agius - guitar, vocals
Scott Young - guitar
Mark Palfreyman - bass, vocals
Ben Hocking - drums

the hard side of life
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