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Code 666 / Aural Music / Soulfood
19.04.2013 (GER)


„Apnoe“ – condition, restriction, illness. When it is getting hard to breathe, sometimes you need to free yourself and break bridges in order to continue.

TODTGELICHTER finally broke with their Black Metal past after a demo (2003, self-released) and two albums (“Was Bleibt…” 2005, “Schemen” 2007 on Folter Rec.) to embrace a new future: “Angst” (out 2010 on Code666/Aural Music, dist. Soulfood) was an Avantgarde/Progressive/Post-Metal monster which earned them overwhelming press response, an enthusiastic fanbase and several album-of–the-month awards. The following year was followed by many successful live appearances; not only were they asked by PRIMORDIAL to support them for two exclusive release-gigs, they also played at the RAGNARÖK Festival, the METALFEST Dessau, the extended HEIDENFEST Tour 2011 in front of several thousand attendants and the WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2012 plus being featured on German television channel Sat.1.

Another big change is due with “Apnoe”. Vocalist/bass guitar player Nils left, new members Tobias and Chris joined to take part in shaping what TODTGELICHTER is all about in 2013: While still somewhat rooted in Metal, the focus nowadays lies on their distinctive guitar melodies, the vocal duets between female lead Marta and male lead Tobias, more mature songwriting and a top-notch production by Eike Freese (who has worked with e.g. GAMMA RAY, OOMPH!, EISBRECHER, Christina Stürmer a.m.m.).

“Apnoe” is nothing less than the strongest material the band has written so far, aiming to set a reference for future Metal/Progressive outputs to come… Be prepared!

the hard side of life
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