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Die And Let Live


High Roller Records / Soulfood


Dr. Living Dead is a name probably familiar to quite a few Metal/Crossover fans nowadays. Their self-titled debut album for High Roller Records received fantastic reviews and this summer they took the Rock Hard festival by storm.

Ouijabeard is the name of the side-project of Dr. Ape, the vocalist of Dr. Living Dead. This is how he describes his latest project: “Dr. Living Dead is a band that I am involved in. Yes, that is correct. Dr. Living Dead is very important and so is Ouijabeard. I am Ouijabeard. That is no secret. Ouijabeard is me and a bunch of musicians that I like. This is a serious musical project. It is for real. A band is taking form when the the time is right. 90% of the album has been played by me. That is lead vocals, drums, rhythm guitar, bass and synthesiser. Solos and stuff like that were done by guest musicians.”

However, musically there is a big contrast between Dr. Living Dead and Ouijabeard: “The big influence for Ouijabeard is Grigorij Rasputin, the 'Mad Monk', as well as 'The Elder' by Kiss, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. It's not a Thrash Metal record by any stretch of the imagination. It is Rock! Basically I wanted to create something I've wanted to do for some time. A 'Space Rock Opera'!”

So with a little help from his friends, Dr. Ape has completed the first Ouijabeard album "Die and let live", which sounds nothing like his main band at all. Dr. Rad, guitarist of Dr. Living Dead, is playing some leads on the album (“he is an amazing guitarist in the vein of Satriani and Vinnie Vincent”) and Mr. Blaze Bayley will have a guest appearance as Rasputin, the “Mad Monk”.

Following the release of the album Ouijabeard will also appear live on stage. “As soon as the time is right”, pronounces Dr. Ape.

Matthias Mader


1. Eyes in the Night
2. Across the Room
3. The End
4. Curse of the Stones
5. Alexandra
6. Moon Empire
7. Signs of Moreia
8. Keep the Streets Empty For Me
9. Die and Let Live

the hard side of life
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