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Through Realms Unseen


Pulverised Records
Distribution: PHD & Soulfood


Dutch derangers ENTRAPMENT deliver probably their most diverse album to date with "Through Realms Unseen"!

With that recognizable ENTRAPMENT stamp still very much prominent throughout "Through Realms Unseen", Michel Jonker and his morbid crew draw fresh blood off an assortment of Death n' Roll elements but never losing grip on the foreboding sound that ENTRAPMENT have always been known for. Once again darkness engulfs and their brand of rotten Death Metal will remain an imposing force amongst the peers.

The band's third full-length was recorded, mixed and mastered by JB Van Der Wal (ex-Aborted, ex-Leaves Eyes, ex-Atrocity, etc) and the majestically grotesque album artwork was created by renowned illustration-extraordinaire Marald Van Haasteren (Bolt Thrower, High On Fire, Wolfbrigade, etc).

ENTRAPMENT started off as a one-man project (when recording), but have a full live line-up. This truly is a real feast for the old school Death Metal sound maniacs!

"The Seeker" - Stream: soundcloud.com/pulverised/entrapment-the-seeker


1. Omission (4:41)
2. The Seeker (2:54)
3. Static Convulsion (2:57)
4. Ruination (3:08)
5. Dominant Paradigm (4:30)
6. Withering Souls (3:49)
7. Isolated Condemnation (2:51)
8. Through Realms Unseen (3:08)
9. Hybrid Maelstrom (4:10)
10. Discordant Response (3:38)
11. Self Inflicted Malnutrition (3:24)

the hard side of life
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