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A Voice Unheard


Battlegod Productions
6. Apr. 2018
Distribution: H’Art Musik (GER/Europe), Code 7 / PHD (UK)


TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK is a Melodic Metal band from Northern Norway, formed in 2007 by Trond Nicolaisen and Andreas Stenseth. The core line-up was expanded with Øystein K. Hanssen in 2018. Their upcoming concept album “A Voice Unheard” was mixed by Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Judas Priest) and features 12 tracks of classic 80's Heavy Metal best described as a hybrid of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. The band proudly works with 'The Norwegian Air Raid Siren' Tony Johannessen (Thunderbolt) and the 'German Metal God' Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, Ex-Gamma Ray). Their amazing and varied voices really complement each other throughout the expressive spectrum of the new album.

Thematically, “A Voice Unheard” deals with the apocalypse, and to make the horrific nightmare come alive the band has been working with two supreme voice actors: British actor Danny Webb, of Alien 3 fame, and American actor Jamieson Price, whose deep and booming voice has been heard in numerous anime and video games. The band is also paying tribute to some of their greatest influences with two cover tracks of Bruce Dickinson's 'Darkside Of Aquarius' and Aria's 'Slave To The Evil Force'. Both tracks were recorded in collaboration with two of the leading members of Aria, Russia's biggest and most famous Heavy Metal band. Following the release of ‘A Voice Unheard’ the core members plan on forming a full line-up and taking TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK to the stage, with the express purpose of melting faces all over the world.


1. Within The World Of Dreams
2. Descent
3. Through Shuttered Eyes
4. A Voice Unheard
5. Outlaw
6. Times Of War
7. The Enemy
8. One Final Prayer
9. Fly Away
10. Nothing Shall Remain
11. Darkside Of Aquarius (Bruce Dickinson Cover)
12. Slave To The Evil Force (Aria Cover)

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