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Compromise Gone


Battlegod Productions


Australia’s Thrash/Death Metal Masters are back!!! HERRATIK (formerly known as ABORTUS) are back with their new album "COMPROMISE GONE". This is the band’s 4th album & 2nd as HERRATIK. HERRATIK are known for pumping out albums that are full of “Speedy Power Riffs”, “Great Traditional Solos”, “Thundering Grooves”, “Blasting Drum Beats” & “Aggressively Scathing Vocals”. This 4th platter on offer is the most VIOLENT, BRUTAL & FURIOUS album that the band has recorded to date. Be Aware!!! This album also features ex MYSTIC CIRCLE (Germany) Drummer; Alex Koch.


1. Intro
2. Enough
3. Bottom Feeder
4. End Of Compromise
5. Closed Book... Opened Wrist
6. Talk So Much... Say Nothing
7. Filth In Numbers
8. Good Things Come To Those Who Hate
9. The Fall
10. The Zone


1. Judge Me Not (Abortus) – CD - Battlegod Prod. 1999
2. Process Of Elimination (Abortus) - DigiCD – Code666 2001
3. Wrath-Divine (Herratik) – CD - Copro Records 2006
4. Compromise Gone (Herratik) - DigiCD - Battlegod Prod. 2011


Gooch Trajkovski – Lead Guitars
Jack White – Vocals
Drew Horwood – Rhythm Guitars
George Kozaroski – Bass Guitar
Alex Koch (Session) - Drums


HERRATIK - Formerly Known As ABORTUS - formed in mid 1998, & introduced a new brand of Heavy Metal into the Sydney Metal Scene. They fused elements of Thrash, Death, Melodic, Classic Metal & even Hard Rock styles to forge their own unique sound that is regarded as very original & not following any band wagon.
From mid 98 to early 99, the band recorded 3 demo’s, went through line-up changes & finally secured a solid line up by early 1999.
Throughout early 1999, the band built up a strong following & the fans were hungry for an official debut release. So in mid 1999 ABORTUS recorded their debut album, JUDGE ME NOT, & was released by Battlegod Productions in August 1999.
After the release of JUDGE ME NOT, ABORTUS continued to headline shows all over Sydney, until May 2000, when the original drummer left the band.
While ABORTUS were searching for a new drummer, the band did not lay down. They continued to write new material for a second CD. That is a testimony of the bands hard work ethic.
In August 2000, Mike joined the band on drums. He was given the demo tapes containing the new material & was given until November 2000 to be ready for Pre-Production of the 2nd CD.
The 2nd full-length CD, named PROCESS OF ELIMINATION was recorded in January 2001, & was released by Italian Label Code666 in October 2001.
Only 2 months later, ABORTUS jetted off to Europe for their debut European Tour in support of ANCIENT RITES & MYSTIC CIRCLE, & went on to play 18 shows in 18 nights in 7 different countries.
Upon returning home, ABORTUS planned, booked, organised & promoted their own headline tour of Australia. This tour consisted of over 20 weekend only shows, that started in April 2002 & finished in November 2002. This type of tour, named VIOLENT ELIMINATION TOUR 2002, was unprecedented in the Oz Metal Scene.
After the tour, Mike left the band & ABORTUS was drummer-less again. However ABORTUS received the services of a temporary session drummer & continued to headline shows around Sydney in 2003, while writing material for a third CD.
In Sept/Oct 2003, ABORTUS supported MYSTIC CIRCLE again, only this time it was for MYSTIC CIRCLE’s debut Tour of OZ named DAMIEN HAUNTS OZ TOUR 2003. This tour was once again arranged, organised & promoted by ABORTUS them self.
After that tour ABORTUS finally find the 2nd rhythm guitar player that they always wanted. His name is Wader. The band’s 1st Rhythm guitar player was fired back in 1998. Prior to the recruitment of WADER, the band decides to change it’s name to HERRATIK (Pronounced as HERETIC). ****
Soon after Wader joined HERRATIK, the band starts Pre-Production for the 3rd CD titled WRATH-DIVINE. The Album was recorded in October 2004 & NECRODEMON of MYSTIC CIRCLE was hired as session drummer for the album. The album was recorded, mixed & co-produced by Ex DIMMU BORGIR guitarist ASTENNU & was released in July 2006 by UK’s Copro Records.
After the Release of WRATH-DIVINE, HERRATIK was drummer-less again. NECRODEMON lives in Germany, so he couldn’t tour with HERRATIK. It takes HERRATIK until late 2006 to find a new session drummer capable of doing the right job for the band. So once again, HERRATIK embarks on a headline tour of OZ, named WRATH ACROSS OZ TOUR 2007. This tour was also a weekend only shows tour & went from April to December 2007. HERRATIK would hit the road for 1-2 weekends of each month. Once again, this tour was planned, booked, organised & promoted by HERRATIK them self.
After The Tour HERRATIK headlined only a handful of shows in 2008 & 2 shows in ealry 2009. They were Metal Festivals & Benefit Shows. HERRATIK spent most of 2008 & 2009 writing & recording the 4th album; COMPROMISE GONE.
The new album was recorded over a long period, as HERRATIK finally have their own recording studio (VITRIOL RECORDING STUDIO). The Drums were once again recorded by NECRODEMON in Germany at THE VAULT STUDIO’s. NECRODEMON was also hired to record, mix & co-produce the new album, so in July 2008 NECRODEMON flew to OZ to engineer the guitar tracks, bass tracks & some Vocal tracks at HERRATIK’s STUDIO. After that, HERRATIK took a few months off & then resumed recording in late 2008. That was to complete all the vocal tracks. This took several months of weekend only recording sessions. The vocals were engineered by GOOCH & were sent to Germany so that NECRODEMON could continue with the completion of the album.
The album was finally mixed & mastered in early/mid 2010 in Germany by ALEX NECRODEMON KOCH. After that, HERRATIK comissioned an artist based in the UK to design a new album cover. Now equipped with the new album cover, new band logo & most importantly, the new album; COMPROMISE GONE, HERRATIK is ready to embark on a new campaign.
COMPROMISE GONE - OUT OCT 21/2011 through Battlegod Productions. BE AWARE!!!!

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