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Safe On The Other Side
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High Roller Records


Although described by SPIN magazine as “one of America’s greatest unsung metal bands,” Chicago’s HIGH SPIRITS has always identified as high-energy rock. Similarly, the founder and leader of HIGH SPIRITS has always referred to himself only as Chris, although it is no secret that he is Chris “Professor” Black, and it was clear from the start that HIGH SPIRITS’ majority audience comes clad in denim & leather. HIGH SPIRITS on record remains as it began in 2009, with Chris writing, playing, and producing everything on his own. But already at the demo stage, the five-piece HIGH SPIRITS live band was in high demand and gained much DIY tour experience during 2010 and 2011. Meanwhile Chris was writing more songs for HIGH SPIRITS, which always emphasized melody, atmosphere, and a lifelike blend of emotions.

The debut album "Another Night" (High Roller Records 2011) caused a big sensation. In particular the tracks “Another Night in the City” and “Full Power” hooked listeners immediately and have helped sustain the album’s popularity to the present day. In 2012 and 2013, strong label and media support and the band’s “just say yes” attitude carried HIGH SPIRITS to its first dozen European gigs. The second album "You Are Here" (2014) kicked off another series of tours spanning the United States, Canada, England, and mainland Europe. The band continued touring heavily throughout 2015, performing at no less than seven festivals in five countries, powered by phenomenal audience response. The band’s experiences on the road (and in the air) were chronicled on the semi-autobiographical album "Motivator" (2016), supported throughout 2017 by the four-part “MotivaTour”.

HIGH SPIRITS entered 2020 with a new album in the works and a full program of gigs booked to support its release. Released in July, the album "Hard to Stop" received high marks from the fans and media, but touring was postponed indefinitely. Fast-forward to 2022, and HIGH SPIRITS was back on the road at home and abroad, playing in clubs and also at such festivals as Party-San Open Air in Germany, Heavy Metal Thunder in the Czech Republic, Pyrenean Warriors Open Air in France, and Hell’s Heroes in Texas.

In the midst of this, Chris wrote and recorded the next HIGH SPIRITS album, now due for release in November of 2023. Entitled "Safe on the Other Side", the album is an essential addition to the HIGH SPIRITS discography, featuring guaranteed live favorites such as the leadoff smash single “In the Moonlight” and feel-good closer “Good Night”. The album also explores more challenging terrain, both musically and emotionally, in particular with the midtempo driver “Lonely Nights” and heartbreak ballad “Please Don’t Leave Me Behind”.

Like its predecessor "Hard to Stop", the bright and dynamic sound of "Safe on the Other Side" comes courtesy of engineer Dan Swanö and his famed Unisound studio. Altogether, the combination of Chris’s songwriting and impassioned performances together with Dan’s audio expertise have resulted in an album every bit as powerful and daring as the now-classic debut "Another Night". "Safe on the Other Side" also marks a milestone for High Roller Records as its 1000th release since forming in 2003. Now in 2023, the label, the band, and their audience are more diverse, but also more united and dedicated as ever: to themselves, to each other, and to the awesome power of the music we love.

"In The Moonlight" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/6O-xD4xtv5c


01. In the Moonlight
02. Til the End of Time
03. Lonely Nights
04. One Day Closer
05. Anything You Need
06. (There Will Be) Magic Tonight
07. Loving You
08. Please Don't Leave Me Behind
09. Memories
10. Good Night

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the hard side of life
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