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April 2011


Wisdom was formed in the fall of 2001 to bring back those glorious days when the performance, the attitude of the musicians and the music they played was intended to impress the audience. Our music (wisdommetal) is composed of the heavy/power metal elements. Nowadays it is almost impossible to come up with brand new ideas but it is still possible to create something superb. This is our basic concept and the principle we follow and try to adhere to. We especially pay attention to write meaningful and thoughtful lyrics. The whole conception of Wisdom is based upon our drive to share wisdom with our audience through our music. Wiseman, our cabala figure helps us to fulfil this mission.

In the beginning of 2002 we made our first steps on the bumpy road when a demo was recorded for promotional purposes. Soon after it we were honoured with the opportunity to open for Iron Maiden and have also been given the chance to share the stage with some other great bands like U.D.O., Saxon, Doro and Dionysus. And finally we signed a contract with the biggest motorcycle magazine (Born To Be Wild) to get into that mystic world too.

In the summer of 2004 we released an EP as an attachment of Hammer World Magazine. It contained four of our songs, the music video of Strain of Madness and some multimedia. This event made the Wisdom name well-known countrywide. The live presentation of these songs was in July as the guest band of the legendary Europe.

Having completed our first music-video we made the second one which was based on a brand new song called Unholy Ghost from the forthcoming LP. The clip has often been broadcasted by mainstream media. It was played by Viva TV in daytime hours such as by main Radio channels.

We made our first independent concert in the biggest Hungarian rock club on the 19th of November 2005. This spectacular show was named Keep Wiseman Alive and was attended by a lot more people than we previously expected (more than 1200) with a lot of positive feedback.

The year of 2006 started with a great experience: we played as the guest band of Helloween. Right after it the Hammer World magazine readers voted us the Trust of the Year; furthermore they placed us to the list of their ten favourite bands as well. We were also awarded with the great honour of being the winners of Viva TV’s Megawatt Live 2006 in the Trust of the Year category by the viewers’ votes.
Then at last our long-promised first LP was released on the 6th of November 2006 entitled Words of Wisdom. The mastering was made in the famous Finnvox studios in Finland. The album was sold out during one month! The success reached overseas and we signed a contract with the Japan Soundholic Records. The live performance of the album was called Keep Wiseman Alive II.

In the first part of 2007 we were nominated in the Found of the Year category of the biggest Hungarian Music Awards. The winner of this category represented Hungary on Eurovision Song Contest in Finland. We lost it but won awards of The Best Album of 2006 which gave us a big hope for the spring Words of Wisdom tour.

In July we managed to open for Black Sabbath (Heaven and Hell) and with that one of our biggest dreams came true. In the end of the year we released At the Gates maxi as to report progress between 2 albums. And have celebrated it with the Keep Wiseman Alive III together with a lot of fans.

In 2008 we opened for Judas Priest and Primal Fear in Bucharest, but soon afterwards we parted ways with our singer. After a long time of searching our singer the new Wisdom album was released in April 2011. This is called Judas, with a special guest; Mats Levén…


1. Fallin' Away From Grace
2. Somewhere Alone
3. Age Of Lies
4. Live Forevermore
5. Wander The World
6. Heaven And Hell
7. Silent Hill
8. At The Gates
9. The Prodigal Son
10. Judas


Gabor Nagy – vocals
Gabor Kovacs – guitars
Zsolt Galambos – guitars
Mate Molnar – bass
Balazs Agota – drums

the hard side of life
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