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Unblessed Woods



Northern Silence Productions / Soulfood


Elffor started as Medieval Ambient solo project by Eöl at the end of 1995.

In September 1998 the first album "Into The Dark Forest..." was recorded at Suffering Studios and offered Medieval Ambient with harsh, Black Metal-like vocals. The CD was distributed in the Underground and all 500 copies were sold quickly.

In September 2002, after a rather long silence due to the busy schedule with his other band Suffering Down, Eöl entered Tala Studios to record his second effort, "Son Of The Shades", with the help of guest musicians from Numen & Suffering Down. With the addition of guitars the music moved from the Dark Ambient of the debut to a kind of Medieval Black Metal and the album received xcellent feedback from all over the world. As a result, the 500 copies were sold in less than two months.

In August 2004 the 3rd album “From The Throne Of Hate” was recorded at Liant Moron Studios, again with Alfon (Suffering Down) on guitars and now Eöl doing all the rest himself. By that time Elffor could already claim a considerable number of followers, and while those fans all loved the medieval atmosphere and ambience of the previous albums, it was with the further addition of heavy guitars that this album once again gained and delivered more majestic power than its predecessor.

One year later, in Winter 2005, the 4th album "Unblessed Woods" was recorded, again at Liant Moron Studios. The guitars were done by Unai Liant this time, the rest by Eöl himself. The album was released in 2006 and with many fans eager for the new CD the 500 copies were sold in one month.

Due to the continually high demand for all Elffor albums, Eöl agreed to the offer of Northern Silence Productions to re-release all four CDs in chronological order during 2007 - 2011. "Unblessed Woods" is the 4th and last reissue, and like its predecessors it comes with entirely new, improved artwork, rerecorded/remastered and features two brand new, exclusive bonus tracks.

Inbetween the reissues, in 2009 to be precise, Eöl self-released Elffor’s 5th album “Frostbitten Pain” in limited Digipack format (ltd. 500) and since it was also sold out on his own label after just a few weeks it is quite likely that Northern Silence will eventually reissue it as well.


1. Unblessed Woods
2. Through The Mist
3. Of Heretic Pagan Kingdom
4. Winter, Fullmoon, Sorrow...
5. Dark Orchestral Hate
6. ...From Ancient Scrypts
7. Gorgorium Goth
8. The Forgotten Dying Moon
9. Hondamena *
10. Farryanth *

*exclusive bonus tracks for this reissue


All music written & performed by Eöl with the help of session member Unai Liant (guitars)


1998 "Into The Dark Forest" CD (reissue '07)
2002 "Son Of The Shades" CD (reissue '08)
2004 "From The Throne Of Hate" CD (reiss. '08)
2006 "Unblessed Woods" CD (reissue '11)
2009 “Frostbitten Pain” CD

the hard side of life
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