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Through Aching Aeons


Pulverised Records
Distribution: PHD & Soulfood


The Stockholm Death Metal mammoths DESULTORY have returned once again for their fifth and swansong full-length record "Through Aching Aeons"!

With Necromorbus Studio head-honcho Tore Stjerna (Watain, Repugnant, Portrait, Tribulation, etc), taking on song arrangement / producer duties this time, the culmination of "Through Aching Aeons" results in an added depraved aggression and more varied passages but also leaving a trail of vile Swedeath fetor that only DESULTORY can invoke. The album artwork and layout was done by French graphic artist Pierre-Alain D at 3mmi Design (Kamelot, Necrodeath, etc).

Formed as early as 1989, DESULTORY was one of the pioneering Death Metal bands to come out of Sweden. "Through Aching Aeons" will be DESULTORY's last ever studio effort.

"Our Departure" - Lyric video: https://youtu.be/-sjC5rlGGdc

"In This Embrace" - Official track stream: https://soundcloud.com/pulverised/desultory-in-this-embrace


1. Silent Rapture
2. Spineless Kingdom
3. Through Aching Aeons
4. In This Embrace
5. Beneath The Bleeding Sky
6. Slither
7. Divine Blindness
8. Breathing The Ashes
9. Our Departure


Klas Morberg - Vocals/Guitar
Håkan Morberg - Guitar
Thomas Johnson - Drums/Vocals
Johan Bolin - Bass


Formed as early as 1989, Desultory was part of the first wave of Swedish death metal bands alongside Entombed, Dismember, and others. They quickly went on to record three demos between ’90 and ’91, namely “From Beyond” (1990), “Death Unfolds” (1990) and “Visions” (1991), before they got picked up by Metal Blade for a three-album deal. "Into Eternity", the band’s debut full-length from 1993, is standard for the genre, energetic and forceful, straddling the line between the more brutal American death style and the melodic Gothenburg variety. Though not groundbreaking, it was considered a fine album by fans. The follow-up “Bitterness” (1994), considered by many as the band’s classic, continued the debut’s style, but 1996's “Swallow The Snake” takes quite a different approach, dropping the death vocals (and, for the most part, death metal itself) for a more heavy rock sound. After fulfilling their deal, Desultory left Metal Blade Records and broke up. Håkan, Klas and Thomas continued to play together and eventually formed Zebulon, playing a similar style to that heard on “Swallow The Snake”. In 2009, Desultory finally returned, signed to Pulverised Records and released their highly acclaimed comeback album "Counting Our Scars" in 2010.

the hard side of life
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