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Amberian Dawn


Encore Music / Plastic Head


Amberian Dawn is a Finnish metal band that honed their trademark sound with expert precision, making highly polished albums of symphonic melodic metal, thus meaning Symphonic Metal meeting extreme technical skills, talent, poesy, a great voice and dark, mythical, beautiful stories packed in extraordinary songs.

Their songs and unique style are sure to be heralded as future classics by fans of the genre. The music is based on songwriting of the founding member of the band, guitar & keyboard virtuoso Tuomas Seppälä.

They've brought more songs to Rock Band Network than any other band, and have become a fan favorite. That's why Harmonix, the game developer have chose them as the Rock Band Network Artist of the Month for July 2011.

Amberian Dawn has released four studio albums since 2008 and during these years they have already toured in Europe three times with bands like Epica, Van Canto, Tristania, done several festivals and opened for bands like Kamelot and Dream Evil. Their last album Circus Black (2012) us widely appraised with excellent reviews by critics all over the world.

New album "Re-Evolution" kicks off the latest chapter in the Amberian Dawn saga by re-imagining eleven Amberian Dawn favourites.

Here’s what Tuomas Seppälä (keyboardist, guitarist and songwriter in AD) has to say on new vocalist Capri and the latest record:

“We all thought that the best way to introduce our new singer to our fans is by re-recording a compilation album of our best songs. It was very important for us to give you all a broad overview about Capri’s great talent in all its facets and present her vocal sound and way of singing to you before we start recording a whole new studio album. We very much hope that you like the fresh sound created through Capri’s voice. I believe that this compilation album is an excellent calling card for the new Amberian Dawn sound and style, all in all we are really happy with the results that we’ve achieved. Finding Capri and getting her to join AD is like a dream come true for me. Capri shares the same taste in music and that's why it’s obvious that our new partnership is like match made in heaven. She really makes my compositions shine like never before and I'm so impressed about her in every way. I'm just as excited as when I found our original singer Heidi. Now my main focus is to let the whole world hear about Capri and start composing some new songs for her.“

All songs on "Re-Evolution" were carefully compiled from the following previous Amberian Dawn releases:

River Of Tuoni (2008) by KHY Suomen Musiikki
The Clouds of Northland Thunder (2009) by KHY Suomen Musiikki
End of Eden (2010) by Spinefarm Records
Circus Black (2012) by Spinefarm Records & Universal Music

The album was mixed by Mikko P. Mustonen and mastered by Henkka Niemistö at Chartmakers.


01. Valkyries
02. Incubus
03. Kokko - Eagle of Fire
04. Lily of the Moon
05. Come Now Follow
06. Crimson Flower
07. Circus Black
08. Lost Soul
09. Cold Kiss
10. River of Tuoni
11. Charnel's Ball


River of Tuoni (2008)
The Clouds of Northland Thunder (2009)
End Of Eden (2010)
Circus Black (2012)
Re-Evolution (2013)

the hard side of life
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