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Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert is a heavy metal guitar hero. His work with RACER X at age 19 established his reputation as a player with incredible speed and flawless technique.

Paul Gilbert is a rock veteran. Paul was a founding member of MR. BIG, and spent 8 years making platinum albums, touring the world, and enjoying international number one singles.

Paul Gilbert is a singer and solo artist. Since leaving MR. BIG in 1997, Paul has released 4 solo CDs as well as reforming RACER X for 3 more new CDs.

Seven albums in 4 years may seem like a lot, but Paul found the time in the summer of 2001 to record number eight!

The new CD is RAW BLUES POWER and features Paul jamming with his guitar-playing uncle, JIMI KIDD!

Paul says, "Jimi was my hero when I was a teenager. His guitar playing was incredible and seeing him play "close up" helped me learn what a REAL MUSICIAN sounds like."

"I got really excited about the idea of doing an album with Jimi. Over the years, I followed my passion for rock, metal, and speed guitar playing. Jimi plays stunning rock guitar, but also plays great blues and slide. For RAW BLUES POWER, we put our styles together and came up with a killer guitar record!" continues Paul.

RAW BLUES POWER features Paul and Jimi trading off lead vocals and songwriting duties. They also wrote one song together called "Twelve Days of the Blues" and covered the Steppenwolf classic "Sookie Sookie". And of course the album has plenty of guitar battles, magical 70's style jams, and rocket-fueled blues guitar.

"I think there is something in our DNA that makes us play well together", says Paul. "This album was recorded almost completely live and with very little rehearsal, but it worked perfectly ! This is one of my favorite albums that I've ever recorded."

The 10 songs on RAW BLUES POWER will take you on an exciting trip to the family reunion of Paul and Jimi. Paul is on the left speaker. Jimi is on the right. The blues is powerful. The emotion is raw.

Listen to real rock. All natural. No artificial ingredients.

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