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Musikk Fra Vettenes Dom


Final Earthbeat Productions / Elegy Music
May 2010


It all started fall, 2006 when Knockelkatt and Skrangelfant met at a local black metal concert in Larvik, Norway. They had known each other for a long time, but never thought of making music together. Knockelkatt said to Skrangelfant at the concert «We ought to start a BM band togheter». K had previously played in an BM act, Skrangelfant had no real experience with playing black metal. But Skrangelfant could handle a guitar and Knockelkatt bass and vocals, so they went for it.

The follow winter Skrangelfant & Knockelkatt went up to a cabin at the base of Hardangervidda in Telemark for a weekend. With amps, guitars and other equippment. When they started out jamming it went pretty well and also some unconventional bass and guitar harmonies came up. Knockelkatt added some wicked screams too. Actually, the first song made (up there), is to this date the far most grim, sad and harmonious. Sadly it never came to be on the debut album, but it may make way for a second album.

As time went on, the duo had regular rehearsals with only bass, vocals and guitar. Songs started to appear and it was stuff they both were contemped with. Skrangelfant & Knockelkatt contributed to the writing of the music, whilst Knockelkatt took care of the lyrics. The lyrics are passionate and theatrical, stories told and community-related. At that time they both were into the Arcturus album «Aspera Hiems Symfonia». Also Knockelkatt was very into Tulus and Skrangelfant had thing for the CoF album «Dusk and Her Embrace». It is not know how or if it played any role on the music of Kraaker. They had some absinth-trips to a tiny little «seter»(mountain dairy?...) in the inner parts of Vestfold(their county.) It has brougth a great deal of inspiration to both of them.
To start with, Skrangelfant & Knockelkatt actually planned to record two, maybe three songs at Henrik Brun, a friend of Knockelkatt's, but as the prosess went along they continuously came up with new material. It became a long and ongoing prosess. This was the first time they made a record for both of them and it seemed quite exciteing, As Skrangelfant & Knockelkatt started to get a fair amount of songs completed, they got in contact with a drummer, Kvist. They had a few rehearsals, but Kvist had to leave the town for a while. Hrafn, a friend of Skrangelfant joined on bass. Now Knockelkatt only had the vocals, but also experimented with cello sometimes. Later on their sound-engineer agreed to take on the drums. They had a fair amount of jams, but it fell apart due to some personal issues.

The band-name Kraaker was found when Skrangelfant & Knockelkatt was thinking about how to describe themselves. “We’re roaming musicians, like flying sparrows, like grim crows.” - Kraaker Skrangelfant made a myspace page for Kraaker and something started to happen. (Hail myspace by the way!) We got contacted by the Italian label Final Earthbeat Prod. and they were intrested in our music. We were thrilled and went for it.

Nowadays the debut album is out for you to buy and Kraaker will start to make a follow-up soon.

the hard side of life
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