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Dominions Of The Eclipse (Re-Release)


Soulseller Records
Distribution Germany: Soulfood


Thornium was founded by Thyph (a.k.a Thypheuz) in the year of 1993. Thyph entered the studio the same year to record Thornium´s first and only demo “North Storms Of The Bestial Goat Sign”. The demo resulted in a deal for a full length CD with a small Dutch label. Though Thornium never really split up, there was nothing but silence from the band between the years of 1995 and 2007. Thyph got incarcerated and were locked up in prison for many years. And Thornium faded into oblivion for a few years. When song writing began again in 2007 the band signed a contract with Soulseller Records and the rest is history. Now we present again the early stages of the Swedish black metal scene in a limited format!


1. The desert land of blackness
2. Emperor of the Carpathians
3. De som pesten dräpte
4. Dominions of the eclipse
5. Det svarta riket
6. Enslaved by the withces eye
7. Helvetespsalm
8. Slottet i skuggornas mörker
9. Förmörkelsens herravälde
10. Remain In Chaos (Bonustrack)
11. Reign Of Terror (Bonustrack)
12. In the depths of northern darkness (Bonustrack)
13. North storms of the bestial goatsign (Bonustrack)
14. Min vandring till mörkrets furste (Bonustrack)

the hard side of life
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