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Bloodrust Scythe
Hellish Crossfire


I Hate Records / Soulfood
29.01.2010 (GER)


The Thrashing Reaper strikes again!

Four years have passed since HELLISH CROSSFIRE´s first full-length-sign of life – “Slaves of the Burning Pentagram” – put the group’s name among the leaders of the German traditional Thrash metal scene!

Now the time has finally come to unleash the second black plague upon the earth! The new album “Bloodrust Scythe” is here to satisfy the need for RAW, FILTHY fucking Thrash metal in the Teutonic 1986-vein!

One of the group’s biggest strengths is to come up with compositions that reek of hooks and memorable refrains, worthy in comparison with old German Speed/Thrash heroes like for instance Living Death, Iron Angel and Violent Force.

Hellish Crossfire manages to create a strong identity for themselves by ignoring the ongoing retro-trends all those countless modern and plastic bands infecting the scene are following. The music feels ancient and real, with a fresh breeze of darkness and sheer aggression.

- “The new album contains eight songs of rawness, ugliness and in-your-face mentality. We are not a band that puts out albums every year, thus all songs are worked over and over again till they fit our feelings and quality demands. If it takes years to put out a new album, so be it!”, states guitarist Iron Incubus.

“Bloodrust Scythe” is THE traditional album to listen to during 2010!
Think jeans vests, dirty hair, beer and fists in the air!
Think old Sodom, Poison (Ger) and old Darkness (Ger)!


1. Night Of The Possessed
2. Black Injection
3. ... Of Slaying Grounds
4. Into The Old And Evil
5. Orgasmic Rush
6. Speed Hunter
7. At The Edge Of Total Chaos
8. Too Tough To Die


Iron Tyrant (vocals)
Iron Incubus (guitars)
Sick (bass)
Evil Possessor (drums)

the hard side of life
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