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Circus Colossus


Spinefarm Records / Soulfood
11.12.2009 (GER)


Having started like so many of their contemporaries, Finland's Leverage is the lifelong dream of two childhood friends, guitarist Tuomas Heikkinen and bass player Pekka Lampinen. Having begun as a covers-only group and after enrolling the fretwork wizardry of melodic mastermind Torsti Spoof and the singing superstar Pekka Heino, Leverage has to date completed two extremely well-received albums; their groundbreaking bedut “Tides” in 2006 and 2008’s “Blind Fire”, which was chosen second best album in the category of “Best Metal album” of the year at MelodicRock.com. Now they’re laying down the bricks for another modern classic with "Circus Colossus"!

Head and shoulders above the competition, Leverage is darker and more progressive than your average melodic metal group and their supreme tour de force “Circus Colossus” will amaze you all the way - right from the impressive streetlight symphony of “Wolf and the Moon" to the direct point-blank hits "Legions Of Invisible" & “Prisoners” and the languor of the ballad "Don't Keep Me Waiting". Closing with rousing "Broken Wings" the album leaves the listeners' ears ringing and index fingers reaching for a rapid replay.

"Circus Colossus" is the address where all the good stuff resides; a gigantic stadium, the one venue where timeless melodies meet an unique, modern take on honest-to-God heavy rock and superior musicianship. "Circus Colossus" is a moody and melodic metal marvel, a raging slab full of catchy grooves and dense riffage. It can’t be said any more clearly - “Circus Colossus” is an audio addiction, to which you will rejoicingly succumb.

2009 will see an Earth-shattering late fall for the purveyors of melodic metal. Having come basically out of nowhere in 2006, in just a couple of short years Leverage are going places... See you 4th of November at “Circus Colossus”!


01. Rise
02. Wolf And The Moon
03. Movie Gods
04. Worldbeater
05. Rider Of Storm
06. Legions Of Invisible
07. Revelation
08. Don’t Keep Me Waiting
09. Prisoners
10. Broken Wings


Pekka Heino - vocals
Tuomas Heikkinen - guitar
Torsti Spoof - guitar
Marko Niskala - keyboards
Pekka Lampinen - bass
Valtteri Revonkorpi - drums


Tides 2006
Follow Down That River MCD 2007
Blind Fire 2008
Circus Colossus 2009

the hard side of life
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