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L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio
Tenebrae In Perpetuum


Debemur Morti Productions
Distribution - Germany: Soulfood


TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM was conceived in 2001 to forge dark, cold and hateful Black Metal. They have since become widely renowned in the Black Metal underground for their strong obscure aura. On third full-length offering, “L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio”, the enigmatic Italian Illuminates daub their intense, raw and atmospheric black rites across a richer, more expansive canvas than hitherto. Supplemented by the ordination of new vocalist Ildanach, whose arrival early 2009 immediately added a new dimension to the esoteric Black Art, the high priests of sombre psalms merge the darkest shades from the colour spectrum into a frenetic fusion teeming with mystical magnificence and dissonant grandeur. The intoxicating result of founder Atratus’ latest bout of creativity is a diverse hymnary, awash with resonating textures, fertile with eerie reverberations and consecrated in free rhythms. Utilising plainchants and twisted, macabre screeches / chords, the choir of the damned rips through eight opulent liturgies of cold, morose esotericism. Join them at the altar and become enlightened by the darkness.


1 - Percepire La Luce Attraverso Il Sepolcro
2 - L’Eterno Maligno Silenzio
3 - Dissoluzione In Preghiera
4 - Incubo Rosso Cupo
5 - Il Morto Cthulhu Aspetta Sognando
6 - Dei Corpi Silenti
7 - Rapitemi, Anime Della Natura
8 - Oltre I Confini Umani


Atratus - Guitars, Bass
Ildanach - Vocals
Vidharr - Drums

the hard side of life
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