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Black Reign


Pulverised Records / Soulfood


Swedish Metal have always been known for spewing out massive amounts of melodic Death / Thrash Metal, but SANCTIFICATION broke away from the cliché to offer us an American-style of uncompromising Death Metal wreckage! “Black Reign” is a master class album filled with catchy hooks and top-notch musicianship done with deadly precision. Also featuring Hypocrisy’s Peter Tägtgren and Dark Funeral frontman Emperor Magus Caligula on guest vocals!

Recorded at the Abyss Studio (Children Of Bodom, Destruction, Dark Funeral, etc) by Tommy Tägtgren and further utilizing the mixing and mastering services of Hypocrisy / Pain frontman Peter Tägtgren, this is probably the album that will set the ethics of modern Death Metal into a blinding raze of sheer intensity.


1. Thirst For Blood
2. Black Reign
3. Raw
4. Eternal
5. Hear This
6. Dead Forever
7. Flesh, Bone And Skin
8. Trucido Christianese
9. Storm



The band was spawned by Tomas Elofsson, Daniel Dlimi, Mathias Mohlin and Nils Fjellström. Dlimi, Elofsson and Fjellström did some songs, but shortly after that Dlimi left the band to join fellow friends AEON. And in the late fall of 2001, the four track "Demo 01-02" was recorded. Peter Jönsson was asked to join the band as bass player, but he was only in the band a few months. During the short time he was in the band, he did contribute to some cool riffs on some of the songs.


During late spring 2002, SANCTIFICATION unleashed their wrath for the first time in a live situation and it took place in Östersund – Sweden. Peter was replaced by axe wielder Jörgen Bylander, who had been playing in bands like (Defaced Creation & Deranged). The audiences were amazed with the bands performance, so the band decided to release the "Demo 01-02" which was only meant to be for promotional use. The demo got great responses from webzines around the world. In July, Sanctification played at the STORSJÖYRAN festival in front of a huge crowd in Östersund. After that the band started concentrating on writing more songs.

In early 2003, Sanctification played a gig with fellow friends LORD BELIAL in Östersund. After that gig, the band felt that something was missing when the band played live and specially when the songs are built for two guitar, so they asked a fellow friend MARCUS EDVARDSSON (CHASTISEMENT, SOULDRAINER) to join as their second guitarist and after a few meetings he accepted the offer and the band was complete for the first time ever. In August, the band played in Trondheim (Norway) and in September at "Club Extreme" in Trollhättan. That year the band established a one-album deal with German label REMISSION RECORDS and the recording of the debut album "Misanthropic Salvation" started and took mostly the whole year to finish due to some problems in the studio.


In February, the album was finally out after some trouble in the studio and to celebrate the release of the album, Sanctification played a show in their hometown Östersund in front of a big crowd. The album got great responses in magazines and webzines all over the world. Shortly after the album was out, Jörgen had to leave SANCTIFICATION due to differences in the band and the search for a new bass player was on! In August, SANCTIFICATION entered the ABYSS Studio with PETER TÄGTGREN to record a two-track PROMO. The recording was later named "PROMO-04" and contained four tracks including the two tracks they recorded in ABYSS + two live songs from the release gig for the MISANTHROPIC SALVATION album. In September, SANCTIFICATION got an offer to play with the mighty CANNIBAL CORPSE and SPAWN OF POSSESSION in Trondheim, Norway on their European tour and jumped right on it. Since the band was missing a bass player, SANCTIFICATION asked JOHAN HJELM of AEON to fill out that area for that gig and he gladly accepted. The gig was a success and the band had a great show. (SANCTIFICATION has always had a bunch of great fans in Norway) Later that year, TOMAS and NILS went on tour in Europe with their other band IN BATTLE to support Swedish Death Metal Kings UNLEASHED.


The year started with Nils and Tomas going on tour again with IN BATTLE, this time to support the mighty CROWBAR and BEHEMOTH for a few dates in Europe. SANCTIFICATION took some time off during the summer to give all focus on the upcoming fall. Instead of having a "session bass player" the band started to look for a new guy that could fill the empty space. In October, a guy named Kristoffer Hell came in contact with the band and the he fitted right in, so the rehearsals for the upcoming shows were on. Kristoffer had played in a band called DYSPLASIA and have a lot of experience of playing live with other bands to. After a few weeks of rehearsals, they felt like SANCTIFICATION now was a band with a strong line-up, so they start to get ready to do the shows that was booked. The first one out was in Västerås and then Stockholm and to follow that up a great show in Karlstad at METALCLUB, a venue that the band had wanted to play at for a long time. During that time the band started to talk about the future of the band and what the plans should be for the near future. To release the "PROMO-04" was the first step and to make another album in 2006.

the hard side of life
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