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The Grand Confusion
The Souls


Ranch Records / Soulfood
May 2009


Now, this is rock music. Three young guys from Nowheresville, Finland with everything to prove, ready to rip it up. This triple threat doesn’t come empty handed on the scene. The Souls debut album is armed with great songs, monstrous riffs and chops to play them right.
Consisting of Antti Takalo (bass) and founding brothers Jani (guitar/vocals) and Toni Orpana (drums), The Souls are build on a father’s extensive record collection and years of playing together. The result is brilliant mixture of all good things from late 60’s & early 70’s hard rock & rock’n’roll brought to 21st Century, like Led Zeppelin & Cream having a night out with Grand Funk Railroad in some filthy basement club, get it?

Yes, The Souls are damn right dirty & heavy but that’s just another side of the story: there’s also space for beautiful melodies, catchy choruses and psychedelic, acid-inspired sounds. On pounding ‘Wounded Soul’ singer Jani Orpana sounds like Lemmy “Motörhead” Kilmister and “Motherland’ sports grand balls-out riff, the classic guitar solo (including wah-wah pedal, yes!) and eminent bass work. Neil Young-ish ‘Good Intentions’ has got one of those instant sing-a-long choruses, while ballads ‘Goodbye’ and especially album closer ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ are beautiful oases amidst the rock fury.

The Grand Confusion is fearless opening statement, because The Souls clearly follow their own path. Is their music the right kind for this season, you might ask? Is it fashionable? Is it easy enough on your ears? Who the fuck cares. For once, throw away your ear plugs and crank this mother up. It’s good for your soul.


1. Wounded Soul
2. Good Intentions
3. We Shine On
4. You Can Wait
5. Goodbye
6. Motherland
7. Harder When I Come Around
8. I Lose Myself
9. Grand Confusion
10. Everything Will Be Alright


Jani Orpana: Guitar & vocals
Antti Takalo: Bass
Toni Orpana: Drums

the hard side of life
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