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Vid Helvetets Grindar


Candlelight Records / Willowtip / Soulfood
22.05.2009 (GER)


Afgrund is a Swedish band started in 2006 by Andreas Baier and Olle Ferner and Patrik Howe (from bands such as 21 Lucifers, Mareridden, Vi (ex-Clean Shade of Dirty), Penile Suffocation, Avsmak)). 1½ month later the 5-track demo CD Hjärtslag och Djupa Andetag (Heartbeats and Deep Breaths) was recorded. The demo CD received a lot of good response and 1½ month later they got contacted by polish label Lifestage Productions to sign for an album. In autumn 2006 drummer Olle Ferner decided to quit the band due to a lack of interest. After completing the Grind Tour de Pologne VI in Poland with 17-year-old stand-in drummer Panu Posti from Finnish hc-grind band Büfo the band decided to keep him.


1. A Future Europe In Flames
2. Noone Give A Fuck Anymore
3. A Burning Cross On Your Perfect Lawn
4. Forbrukningsartikel
5. Inevitable Environmental Collapse
6. Klinisk Digital Kyla
7. T(h)rash Vortex
8. Borja Fran Noll
9. The Empire
10. Kuken som Vapen
11. The Great Cover-up Apocalypse
12. Maskin-Manniska
13. Karnvapenbestyckad
14. Death Lovers
15. Loneslavar sla tillbaka

the hard side of life
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