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Oracles Of Armageddon
Thirteenth Sign


Battlegod Productions / Twilight
November 2008


Going by the moniker of Skeletal Embrace this East Anglian 5-piece - formed in 1998 - have already recorded 3 CDs and had huge local success gigging locally coming second in Great Yarmouths Lock & Load Battle of the Bands. With influences from Death Metal, Thrash and more traditional Heavy Metal acts, by 2005 it was clear that the bands direction of writing and ferocious style needed a more suitable name, and in late 2005 the band changed their name to THIRTEENTH SIGN. To this day, Thirteenth Sign progress their style, pushing their collective musical talents forward and continuing to blur the borders of the extreme influences that give them their individual sound. Their first gig under the new name was supporting Vomitory and Desecration at Londons infamous Camden Underworld - the starting point of many an underground act. Their debut album "Oracles of Armageddon" was produced by Screamin Daemon frontman and The Rotted bass player, Rev. Trudgil and The Rotted's ex-manager Jo Carr and was released in November 2008 on Battlegod Productions.


1. Talons In Deism
2. In the Wake of Mourning
3. Weaving Horns For A Spine
4. Oracles of the End
5. Silhouette of Her Wings
6. Lost to the Underworld
7. As Like A Nightingale On Fire
8. Within Its Hooks and Scales
9. Crown Of Pallid Shadows

the hard side of life
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