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Archangels In Black


Listenable Records / Soulfood
06.02.2009 (GER)


Four years after the release of its latest album “Dominate”, Adagio is about to introduce its new sound to the worldwide Metal scene. “Archangels In Black” features a new face and vision of the band, keeping the essence and personality but in a more direct and heavy way: “Our lives and the band are inseparable, and as a consequence, whichever way we’re personally evolving slightly transforms Adagio into this new beast.”
The tone “archangels in black” sets is way more aggressive than before yet still very melodic, at the same time and the arrival of new Finnish singer Chris Palin to the ranks has brought the perfect alchemy to Adagio: “Chris is an unbelievable mass of energy, once unleashed on stage, he’s bringing war, and that’s exactly what Adagio needed” Without being a concept album, “Archangels In Black” evokes the bands convictions about a certain Nightside philosophy and a very personal approach of life and death: “Darkness is a concept with many branches, often misunderstood from outside, but elemental for some kind.”
The album was produced and mixed by Stéphan Forté and Kevin Codfert at Kevin’s own studio in Paris. Björn Engelman (Rammstein, Meshuggah, etc…) did the mastering at Cutting Room studios in Sweden. all in all ”archangels in black” is a powermetal masterpiece that will turn many heads in the scene!!!
The album is set to be released in Europe and Australia via Listenable Records in February 2009. Adagio will then tour intensively in Europe to promote “Archangels In Black”.


01- Vamphyri
02- The Astral Pathway
03- Fear Circus
04- Undead
05- Archangels In Black
06- The Fifth Ankh
07- Codex Oscura
08- Twilight At Dawn
09- Getsu Senshi


Chris Palin-Vocals
Stéphan Forté-Guitars
Kevin Codfert-Keyboards
Franck Hermanny-Bass
Eric Lebailly-Drums

the hard side of life
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