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The Bowls Of Wrath
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War Anthem Records / Soulfood


Ever since POSTMORTEM started in 1991, their studio albums have leaned towards ambitious death/thrash metal. Instead of taking a step back and analyzing what worked and what didn’t, POSTMORTEM pushes even further into unknown territory with “The Bowls of Wrath”. Even more grandiose and powerful than “Bloodground Messiah”(2012) the album comes off as the sound of a legendary band doing what they want to do. Formed back in 1991 and hailing from Berlin/Germany the band has a great german fanbase and it is considered a so called veteran band. We love it when veterans like POSTMORTEM release great albums to keep them relevant in today’s metal landscape. Based on „The Bowls of Wrath“, they still have a powerful voice and a place at the head of the great table of Death/Thrash Metal `Made in Germany´!

Oops...they killed again!


1. Until The Screamings Died
2. Pagan God
3. Hate Covers Hate
4. Oops!...I Killed Again
5. Bowls Of Wrath
6. Among The Dead
7. Doomsday Killer
8. Nothing Last Forever
9. Blood Of The War


Secret Lunacy (Demo), 1991
Last Aid to Die (Demo), 1992
Screams of Blackness (Full-length), 1993
Der Totmacher (EP), 1996
The Age of Massmurder (Full-length), 1997
Repulsion (Full-length), 1998
Storm Force (EP), 2000
Join The Figh7club (Single), 2003
Constant Hate (Full-length), 2008
Seeds Of Devastation (Full-length), 2010
XX (Compilation), 2011
The Bowls Of Wrath (Full-length), 2014

the hard side of life
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