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Rumble in Rhodos


Black Balloon Records / Soulfood
28.11.2008 (GER)


RUMBLE IN RHODOS consists of five virtuoso boys from the plural suburbs of Oslo, Norway. Offering a delicate sound of energic indie rock, touches of no-wave, danceable post-punk and marks of abstruse underground. With strong press articles in the Norwegian press, invitation to perform at The Canadian Music Week(CMW) and winning the award in the category "Favourite New International Artist", The Indies 2006", among touring intensively over the Norwegian continent, RUMBLE IN RHODOS where off to a great start.

“Intentions” is the second Rumble In Rhodos album, but the first international release. They supported JR EWING on their final tour through Europe in august 2006 and played packed clubs every night. With three more European tours done, and a new one coming up in November their confidence are ready for international acknowledge. “Intentions” has received rave reviews in the Norwegian press, and they ended a successful summer by playing at the Øya-Festival.

“Rumble in Rhodos play thunderous and techy rock n´ roll in the vein of At The Drive-In and The Refused, with shifting vocals that have the power to soar higher than spaceships and guitars that squeal more painfully than a hungry pig waching Deliverance”. EYE WEEKLY, TORONTO (CA)

Rumble In Rhodos are five young norwegian dudes who are on some At The Drive In shit with slightly softer angles. The lead singer plays both Blood Brothers at once, singing one line with a Cedric Bixler Zavala high voice, then drops down into a really nice low singing voice. They don’t dress up like assholes and they don’t pose. One guy does have a kinda crazy mustache, but it looks awesome and he’s Norwegian so maybe it’s not weird. But yeah, RIR just play great hardcore-ish rock and are psyched about it. So are we." FADER MAGAZINE (UK)


1. Paws, Claws & Alarm-Clock Laws
2. Flavoured Envy
3. Conducting Electricity
4. Ethical Codes
5. Harpoon Etiquette
6. Cinematic Sweeps
7. The Function Of Colour
8. Soft Blackouts

the hard side of life
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