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A Darker Kind Of Salvation


Pulverised Records
Release: 27.10.2008



With a generation of new breed bands to coin the term ‘Modern Swedish Metal’, CLOSER are just about to stamp that imprint with full force. Armed with a brand new full-length CD entitled ‘A Darker Kind Of Salvation’, this album is without doubt roaring with contemporary aggression and filled with stunning hooks of euphonic riffage. ‘A Darker Kind Of Salvation’ is a true testament of stellar musicianship and magnificent song-writing that takes the listener to a fresh yet morbidly interesting approach.

Recorded at several studio locations in Sweden such as Studio Mega (The Crown, Tiamat, etc), Abyss Studios (Hypocrisy, Dark Funeral, etc) and Studio Fascination Street (Opeth, Bloodbath, Soilwork, etc), with the final mixing completed at Studio Fascination Street and mastering done at Studio Mega.

Featuring once again the fantastically dark artwork and layout by Martin Saavedra at Uruguay’s Spina Studios (21 Lucifers, Deviant, Leng Tch’e, etc).


1. Chaos Internal
2. It Dwells In Darkness
3. A Darker Kind Of Salvation
4. Open Your Eyes
5. What Am I?
6. Caressing The Insane
7. Places Of Pain
8. This Hate
9. Hell Is Where The Heart Is
10. Shelter From It


In the end of 2005, CLOSER rose from the ashes of WITHERED, leaving setbacks and record label fuzz behind them, making a fresh start. The band is based in the middle of Sweden and consists of five members with a middle age of 21 years. We know that we can compete with most Metal acts and are devoted to reach there.

“Nothing Is Everything” is the first recordings from CLOSER to be put on tape. It took one week of hard work in Studio Mega in Varberg to make this promo. The result is heavy and technical music with a modern sound, mixing elements of Death, Thrash and Black Metal. Our concept is to make the choruses really catchy without loosing the aggressive feeling. This is mixed with technical drums and guitars, aggressive vocals, funky bass and good song writing.

We previously recorded a full-length album as Withered for Karmageddon Media in Studio Abyss with Tommy Tägtgren as producer. Unfortunately, for various reasons, that album was never released and we got the rights back. This leaves us with a lot of material to choose from for the next album. Pulverised Records plans to release our demo and we are currently working on new material.

CLOSER has been featured in many publications across Europe, notably in Close Up Magazine where the band was noted as “The Best Unsigned Band In Sweden”.

the hard side of life
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