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Babies Of Revolution


Dynamic Arts Records / Soulfood


Manzana means an apple. Forbidden, delicious, nutritious. fresh, tasty...

A Manzana a day keeps the doctor away!

Manzana is a pop-metal band from Tampere, Finland. The four of them have known each other for years, and feed musically from the 90´s grunge-alt-metal heritage. They make music that is dramatic, elastic, melodic and strong. The band came to life in the summer 2003, by Henkka, Heikki and Piritta. Ville joined the band a year later, and fit in perfectly. They played a bunch of gigs to test themselves, and released a promo EP “Nothing a Whole As A Broken Heart” in the summer 2005. Feedback was very good, and some labels were interested in signing them, but they didn’t get a good enough deal with anyone. They decided to make an album with their own TRC-Records label.

“Falling to Pieces” was released by TRC November 6 th 2006, and it hit the charts number 3 and 2. The Album “Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart” came out on January 31st. 2007 and went on chart number 24. They also released a video for “Falling To Pieces” in February, and it went into Kids Top 20 video chart number 13 ,The album has been well and widely reviewed in the media, and “Falling To Pieces “has got some airplay in Finnish radios and TV.

The band has a reputation of intensive and groovy live performer, and they have a heavy live sound for a pop-metal band. The band has visited this year with interview &video at the Sub Tv Shows Rautaryhmä and Subbari, Lista-show( video only ), MTV 3 Kids Top Show, Voice Tv and Music Television Headbangers Ball. They´ve also attended at Yle X and Pommiradio. Small net radios have played “Falling To Pieces” in many countries, due to the bands My Space connections.

In Finland, www.noise.fi and pommiradio.fi were playing Manzana a long before the others, and now RadioRock took” Falling To Pieces” on their playlist, too.

Pop in and have a bite!


Piritta - Vocals
Henkka W. - Guitar
Klaus Wirzenius - Bass
Heikki Malmberg - Drums

the hard side of life
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