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Voices From Within


Candlelight Records / Soulfood
23.05.2008 (GER)


Formed in 1996, Distorted was founded by high school friends in an attempt to create a refreshing trend in the whole female metal scene by mixing the brutal side of metal with the refinement of oriental music. With this ideal set in mind, Distorted started writing material and recorded their first album, entitled 'Memorial,' in 2005 at Sweden's Studio Underground with producer Pelle Seather (Draconian, Madder Mortem, Carnal Forge, Diablo Swing Orchestra) which resulted in raving reviews all over the world in the underground scene.

With a first album under their belt, the band started to work at what was their real strong point: live performance. Through the years Distorted have shared the stage with such great bands as: Edguy, Megadeth, Destruction, Orphaned Land, Aborted, Epica, Therion, Leaves Eyes, Draconian, Sirenia and many more. The band even participated in 2007's edition of the prestigious Metal Female Voice Festival in Belgium where they were seen by many as one of the most promising new bands of the event. As well as a short tour with Aborted in Belgium, France and Holland earlier in '07. All this resulted in the band inking a worldwide deal with UK based record label Candlelight.

Armed with more experience, and more driven than ever before, the band started writing the successor to Memorial and once again chose to track and produce the record with Pelle Seather at Studio Underground. There it became apparent how much the band had grown in songwriting, musicianship and the collaboration with Pelle was just the next step in the logical evolution of the band. The band also invited several close friends to enrich the album with some guest vocals (Thomas from Therion, Lisa from Draconian and Svencho from Aborted) as well as a guest lead from Henrik (Koldborn, ex-Hatesphere).

'Voices From Within' is Distorted's second full length effort and easily holds the bands most mature, daring and powerful effort to date. Further exploring their blend of oriental metal with a more modern approach than before, Distorted are ready to take the world by storm and show the scene that a female fronted band can at the same time be emotive and delicate, but also intense and brutal. A perfect example of beauty and the beast? You be the judge!


1. One Last Breath
2. What Remains
3. Voices From Within
4. Fading
5. A Soft Whisper
6. Reveal My Path
7. Escaping The Mind-Grind
8. Obscure
9. Theom
10. Consistent Duality
11. Letting Go

the hard side of life
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