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Burial Ground


Regain Records / Soulfood
June 2010


The legendary GRAVE are back with a brand new album! GRAVE is one of very few bands left from the early Swedish death metal underground scene that is still going strong and is today considered a cult act from those days, also a source for inspiration for new and upcoming acts of the scene of today. After over 20 years of existence and very successful full-length albums it´s time for GRAVE to raise the flag of hate again. It´s time to show the world their brand new album “Burial Ground”! It's almost as if you were laying on the ground while a series of monster trucks jumped 20 cars and then landed directly on your crotch, only you got a boner every time it happened. This stuff is heavy, extremely brutal, gutteral and lots of other generic words that don't even do it justice.

Any real death metal fan just has to love songs like “Dismembered Mind”, “Outcast”, “Sexual Mutilation” and all those other raging pieces of old school material. This is a fucking classic…again!

Enjoy this extremely entertaining dose of true Swedish death metal!


1. Liberation
2. Semblance In Black
3. Dismembered Mind
4. Ridden With Belief
5. Conquerer
6. Outcast
7. Sexual Mutilation
8. Bloodtrail
9. Burial Ground

the hard side of life
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