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The Thread


Candlelight Records / Mnemosyne Productions / Soulfood
April 2008 (GER)


Behind the name STAROFASH is musician and songwriter Heidi Solberg Tveitan, also known as Ihriel from the experimental metal act Peccatum. After several years of releases and tours in Europe and USA with Peccatum, she debuted as a solo artist in 2001 with the record “Iter.Viator” (Jester Records/VME). In the years following “Iter.Viator” she has been busy with the last Peccatum releases, the Hardingrock project and have together with Vegard Tveitan been running the production company Mnemosyne and Symphonique Studio. In addition to this she has actively worked with band tutoring and concert arranging for youth in her local community.

The debut album ITER.VIATOR was described as a melancholic movement over strings, guitars, keyboards, drums and voices, resulting in a fine blend of esoteric rock and soundtracks. It pushed the boundaries of traditional genre categorization and instrument usage, while remaining true to a soulful pattern that is Heidi’s alone.

On her upcoming album, THE THREAD (Candlelight Records/Mnemosyne Productions), Heidi’s collaborators include the German musician and composer Markus Reuter and the Japanese cyber-punk writer Kenji Siratori. Musically this album explores new ground in instrumentation and structure, yet continues the cinematic and elegant atmosphere of previous recordings. Over constantly changing sonic sceneries, the compelling melody is still the leading thread from beginning to end.


1 - How To Invent A Heart
2 - Him And Her
3 - The World Spins For You
4 - Drag Them Down
5 - The SnakePit
6 - An Apology Gone Bad
7 - Blood, Bones And A Skull
8 - Crossing Over
9 - Epilogue
Bonus Track
10 - Neo drugismo

the hard side of life
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