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Advent Parallax
Averse Sefira


Candlelight Records / Soulfood
28.03.2008 (GER)


Since their inception in 1996, the name of Averse Sefira has reverberated through the underground with relentless intensity. This Texas trio has become notable within the American Black Metal vanguard as they struck in Europe and North and South America with a succession of tours alongside veteran acts Dark Funeral, Candlemass, Watain and 1349.

After three acclaimed albums Averse Sefira signed with Candlelight Records in 2006. This new partnership resulted in the re-release
of their 2001 album, "Battle's Clarion", and now their fourth full-length outing, "Advent Parallax". The album represents the band’s next stage of evolution and delivers anthemic Black Metal produced by Tore Stjerna (Watain) and original artwork from acclaimed artist Jos A. Smith. Prepare yourself- this one will flay flesh from bones!


1. Descension
2. Seance in a Warrior’s Memory
3. Viral Kinesis
4. Cognition of Rebirth
5. Serpent Recoil
6. A Shower of Idols
7. Refractions of an Exploded Singularity
8. Vomitorium Angelis

the hard side of life
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