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Thundering Records / Pervade Productions / Twilight
25.01.2008 (GER)


'Resolutio' is a solid first album of neatly produced modern Heavy Metal. An audacious mixing of Lyrical & Symphonic Metal with strong Heavy and Prog'. 'Resolutio' is somewhere between the steady landmarks of great bands like NIGHTWISH, KAMELOT, LACUNA COIL or DARK MOOR.


Subjective Architecture
Time to Make a Stand
Theater of Pain
Lost Academy
Mysteries of the Stars
A King's Crown for a Wealthy Weak


Created in 2001, AUSPEX was born from a meeting between two friends being both into orchestral music and metal.
In 2005, the band finally managed to achieve its first main project: the first MCD called "Mysteries of the Stars". The enthusiastic reviews and the good sales allow the band to plan the recording of a full length album.

In 2006, the first full length album is recorded with the help of the gifted producer Brett Caldas-Lima (Kalisia, Freak Kitchen, Malmonde, ...), allowing the band to sign a deal with Thundering Records / Pervade Productions

With 'Resolutio', its first full lenghth, AUSPEX wants to share its own world. It is a view from within, a gallery of the inside, a painting drawn by several spirits gathered in one entity. AUSPEX is a witness of the different emotions we must bear and as a result, the music can reflect dreams or nightmares as well as it can be the image of yourself. 'Resolutio' is an invitation, a door that opens on AUSPEX's dimension that is part of everyone's, but apart from the usual world.

Elodie's voice evolves and surprises as it travel through different places. It will lead you into the symbolic lives of invented characters or evoke more inside thoughts, allowing the one that wants to ride the waves of the inner auspex's pulse.

'Resolutio' is a solid debut album mixing symphonic female fronted Metal & dynamic Power Metal, where keyboards & guitars duets. A Top high class level band & album

the hard side of life
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