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Under The Sign Of Will
Eternal Flight


Thundering Records / Pervade Productions / Twilight
25.01.2008 (GER)


one of the French Power Prog leaders is back on the scene ! "Under the Sign of the Will" is an excellent alliance of traditional and modern Metal, enriched by some Prog' and melodic touches that truly transcend the sonic warfare spitted out by this bombshell. "Under the Sign of the Will" will equally please to fans of Maiden/Priest, Dream Theater/Queensryche and Evergrey/Symphony X. Let you blow away by the elegant force coming from Eternal Flight's new album!


Edge of Fire
Dark Society
Under the Sign of the Will
Forgotten Side
Deaf, Dumb and Blind
Next Ones on the List
Friends (feat. Emmanuelson from ELLIPSIS)
The Curse
Miracle Man
Ghost (With a Different Soul)
Friends (bonus track/alt. vocals version)


To begin, the name of this band will maybe remember something to some of you. Indeed, it's the title of a song appearing on the first album of French HEAVY METAL band DREAM CHILD (formerly distributed worldwide by Metal Blade Records). But this is not due to hazard because the founding member of this band is none other than Gerard FOIS, a singer influenced by Geoff TATE, Carl ALBERT, Rob HALFORD, Ronnie James DIO and David COVERDALE.

After the split of the band, still motivated to release songs he wrote for DREAM CHILD and other ideas he decided to rise from the ashes with a new project in February 2001 with guitar player Christophe OFFREDI, fan of guitarists like Steve VAI, John PETRUCCI, but also since he's a child, of David GILMOUR who gave him the love of the note that sounds right and that you have to play with feeling. Christophe presented Gerard to Nicolas JEANPIERRE, bass player and eternal (!) fan of QUEEN, also loving the progressive sides of DREAM THEATER and RUSH.

At this time, the trio began to write songs in a melodic, elaborated Power Metal way with Progressive touches. In November 2001, Arnaud GORBATY, an all around talented drummer also member of the band ALKEMYST, accepted to complete the lineup in order to work on the first demo recording and to prepare the first live shows.

June 2002 saw the release of their demo cd (with an admirable cover artwork executed by Jean-Pascal FOURNIER : AVANTASIA-EDGUY-NIGHTMARE-IMMORTAL)

The band did a few shows but Arnaud was unable to continue with the band due to its commitment with ALKEMYST and for professional reasons. The band had to wait until February 2003 to find a replacement in Alexandre STELLINI who was coming from the Thrash/melodic Death scene and whose influences come from people like Vinnie PAUL, Igor CAVALERA, Dave LOMBARDO, Mike PORTNOY to name a few. Alex introduced the band to Sebastien VIBERT in April 03, a keyboardist, fan of Jens JOHANSSON, Jordan RUDESS and Tuomas HOLOPAINEN, coming from the same area as him in order to allow more freedom on stage to Gerard, to avoid the use of sequences and give a more technical and varied approach to the use of the keyboard in the band.

But 2003 was also the year when Gerard contacted some labels worldwide getting immediate interest from CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC, coming from Italy and taking care of bands like PHARAOH and ENSOPH. After negotiations a deal was settled in early 2004 and the band began the recording of their first album in various places, Gerard taking care of the production with its mobile home studio finishing with the mix in mid July. In order to give the final touch to an already strong sound it was decided that the mastering would be done by the talented Luigi STEFANINI at the NEW SINS STUDIOS (LABYRINTH, DARK MOOR...) in Italy. Happy with the musical and sound aspects, ETERNAL FLIGHT wished that the artwork would be done by someone really gifted and the band was lucky to find out that Geoffrey GILLESPIE (an illustrator who works with DORO and did also some work for WARLOCK and ELP!) was living in their hometown and that he was available and motivated by the project! So Geoffrey presented this impressive artwork representing again the band mascot Morphoenix in action in a futuristic atmosphere, screaming in victory giving sense to the title of the album "Positive Rage". The album was released worldwide Oct. 2004 and got Japan license through SPIRITUAL BEAST

After many months working hard on new song writings, recording and liveshows, ETERNAL FLIGHT has inked deals for the release of the 2nd album named 'Under the sign of will' ! This new bombshell will be released in November 2007 ! As a guest on the album Emmanuelson from Ellipsis shares vocals on the song “Friends”!(Gérard shared vocals on the song “Temple of anarchist Empire” on their latest excellent album 'Imperial Tzadik')

For the USA, Canada and Central America, ETERNAL FLIGHT is proud to announce that NIGHTMARE RECORDS will license it ! This label has signed talented bands like BEYOND TWILIGHT, EVIL MASQUERADE, PYRAMAZE, AVIAN among others so the band is really proud to be in their roster ! This will allow the band to reach many new fans in those territories and to make easier touring possibilities there !

On this album the band delivers a great mixture of traditional and modern Metal, with an original touch, a high sense of catchiness, melody and force served by a great production and stellar musicianship and vocals. This album may surely please the fans of KAMELOT, SYMPHONY X, DREAM THEATER and NEVERMORE.

the hard side of life
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