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The Last Gasp


Candlelight Records / Soulfood


Since 1997, the dank corners of the city of Oakland, California have been subject to the brutality of a group out of their minds. The guilty have died and the innocent bled under their watch. Enlivened by a need to pervert goodwill to ill-will, kindness to violence, and care to murder, these hapless individuals known collectively as Impaled have sought nothing less than the complete destruction of all that is good.

Begat by guitarist Sean McGrath, Impaled created an ethic to destroy the weak, the sick, the frail, the poseurs... essentially, anyone who was not in Impaled. Joined by drummer Raul Varela, the pair conspired with guitarist Jared Deaver (ex-Deeds of Flesh, ex-Severed Savior) and bassist Ron Dorn to record their calamitous sound on the well-received 1998 demo Septic Vomit. One Leon del Muerte was initially acquired to round out the band as a vocalist and eventually replaced Deaver on guitar. Bassist Ross Sewage was later acquired to replace Dorn, and the solidified quartet recorded the demo for which they were to become infamous, 1999's From Here to Colostomy.

When their vile sickness reached the Old World, Impaled was contacted by Headfucker Records of Italy to put out two of their previously released songs onto a split 7" with hydro-grinders Cephalic Carnage. Not to be outdone on American shores, California based Necropolis Records signed the goretet and released the class-sick album The Dead Shall Dead Remain in 2000. A national tour with metal heavyweights Nile and Incantation followed, and such butchery as had never been seen was released on an unwary public.

The slaughterhouse four continued to spawn decadent tales when they released a split 7" with corporate metallers Engorged in 2000 on Discos Al Pacino. They also recorded for tributes to death metal legends Carcass and Impetigo from Necropolis Records and Razorback Records, respectively. These tracks, along with their demo recordings, were culled by Necropolis Records for the release of Choice Cuts in 2001, an album length EP whose disgusting cover saw censure worldwide. Another national massacre was undertaken when Impaled headed out on the road with Vader, Skinless, and Origin in tow.

Leon del Muerte departed the gruesome foursome soon thereafter and was replaced by guitarist Andrew LaBarre. After honing their skills, the sonic deviltry Impaled created was set onto wax with Necropolis Records' release of 2002's Mondo Medicale. Banned in 84 countries for excessive violence and sickness, this release revealed how much of a threat to the safety of the populace Impaled had become. Impaled performed nationally once again with Incantation and a trail of offal and chum was left in their wake.

The follow up EP, 2003's Medical Waste, included unreleased tracks and the first video recording of Impaled's atrocities. It was met with universal scorn and condemned as an abomination against humanity. Beaten down, but not beaten, Impaled composed a tale too horrible for one band to tell. Their brothers-in-harms, Haemorrhage, rose to the occasion and conspired in the 2003 split-CD release from Razorback Records, Dementia Rex. Sadly, Andrew LaBarre would not survive the experience, and was replaced by guitarist extraordinaire, Jason Kocol.

Despised, reviled, and condemned, the fury of the world's most hated band festered like a gaping wound. Through deceit, trickery, and terror-tactics unheard of before, Impaled forced a recording deal with the multinational corporation Century Media Records. The kings of screams then coerced one Trey Spruance, of Mr. Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3 fame, to man the helm for the 2004 recording of the world's sickest concept album, Death After Life.

Following the album's release in 2005, Impaled ventured forth again, this time headlining several mini-tours on both coasts of the United States. Together with Engorged, Lord Gore, Aborted, Malignancy, Leng Tch'e, Disgorge, and Blessing the Hogs, Impaled proved again that live they could cut the mustard as well as some throats. In the midst of all this activity, Impaled also helmed another music video for themselves, a diabolical piece of celluloid that captured the filthy miscreants as they performed abominable experiments in their laboratory.

What abomination shall they be responsible for next? What execrate substance shall spill forth from their bowels? What future terror will mankind be made to suffer under the bile-encrusted fists of the almighty Impaled? Only time will tell...

the hard side of life
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