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The Silence We Deserve


Blind Prophecy Records / Soulfood
November 2007 (Germany)


Sweden's metal arsenal got a brand new bullet to fire into the face of music.

With their debut full-length, 'The Silence We Deserve' storming the world in fall 2007, Stockholm soldiers Scarpoint serve up ten tracks bound to break barriers, smash standards, and cause a worldwide stir.

Scarpoint was created in 1999 when Henrik Englund, a young vocalist with big ideas, met Zoran Kukulj, a guitarist eager to bring a new sound to metal music. As a budding solo artist, 15-year-old Henrik struggled to keep up with pace of his fast creative direction and sensed that collaboration was the only way to bring this beast to life. Henrik struck gold when he found an ad posted by Zoran in search of the right outlet to blast his guitar prowess into the world.

Over the following years, Henrik and Zoran scoured the scene to find the other power players that would complete the monster that is Scarpoint.
With the addition of bassist Eric Holmberg, guitarist Alexander Nord, and the more recent addition of Erik Thyselius on drums, their prime line-up is complete. Refusing to settle into one category, the band is driven by enthusiasm and expression. "We create what we love to do, we always have" says Henrik.

More concerned about the creative aspect of their music, Scarpoint is the focus-point where many influences and styles drift, filtered though honest respect for all music. "We're wide musicians," notes Zoran, "There are lots of types of metal in our metal."
Citing influences from Peter Gabriel to Lamb of God, the band grazes the music spectrum to produce their hybrid sound.

"We don't like to make it narrow like a one-way track. We like doing more types of metal melded into one, so everyone can listen to our music" adds Zoran. In a true blend of metal, Scarpoint sculpts a clever melodic sound with enough speed and vigor to keep your mind spinning- sturdy, rhythmic, and challenging.

When he joined Scarpoint in 2007, drummer Erik Thyselius was intrigued by the complex nature of Scarpoint's material. "It was the first time I had to practice to nail the songs, which was new for me. It's a good experience and that's one of the reasons why I find the band so interesting, the music style is different. In the beginning I had to think every time I played and it helps me to evolve as a drummer and as a musician."

Set on conquering the world with their forceful sound, the quintet stormed into Dug Out Productions in fall 2006, where they teamed up with renowned producer Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames). The result, 'The Silence We Deserve,' is an album that displays the fine balance and brutal ferocity that emanates from their sound, like the steady thrill of "Imposture" to enigmatic speed in "Behind the Shadows."

After recording, it's wasn't long before the band caught the attention of international indie label Blind Prophecy Records, sealing the deal in April 2007. Backed by Blind Prophecy, 'Behind the Shadows' will be unleashed in Japan (Oct 10), Europe (Oct 22), and all of North America (Nov 6) before emerging onto a comprehensive tour circuit, starting with Europe.

"The first goal is to go out and tour as much as possibleto grow our fanbase and eventually have the opportunity to make more records," says Erik. "And after that, world domination, to go high."

the hard side of life
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