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Blacklist Mercy


Solid Approach Records / Plastichead / Indie Distribution
October 2007


Straight out of the Norwegian underground scene, Solid Approach Records presents Ribozymes latest album “Blacklist Mercy”. Released in Norway fall of 2006, the album received great reviews and was followed by touring all over the country. Inspired by bands like Led Zeppelin, Tool, Nine Inch Nails and Filter, Ribozyme find them selves most comfortable somewhere in the Hard Rock genre. Still, Blacklist Mercy is a complex and multi-faceted album, ranging from the immediate 3 minute rock song to experimental sonic landscapes, and from gentle whispers to evil noise.
Silent. Beautiful. Fierce. Almost at the same time. Enjoy.


After forming in 1998, Ribozyme quickly stated their presence in the Norwegian underground scene. Within the first year, they had recorded their eponymous debut EP, which secured them an appearance at the nation’s most important music convention (by:Larm in 2000). Five years later, the band had released two full length albums, a second EP and two singles, and appeared on national TV and radio. The single and title track from the album “Invidia” made it to top 3 videos on Norwegian TV-channel NRK2 in the autumn of 2003, only beaten by Dimmu Borgir’s “Progenies of the great apocalypse”. In 2004, one of Ribozyme's guitarists quit, and the band had to take a short brake from touring to decide where to go from this point. They soon chose not to bring a new member into the band, and started writing new and rearranging old material. One year later, they did their first European tour, and spent four weeks on the road in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia and England. The tour built the foundation for further songwriting, and a few months after, Blacklist Mercy was recorded. In September 2006, soon after releasing "Blacklist Mercy" in Norway they had another change in the band line-up with the arrival of a new drummer, and they immediately took to the road promoting the new album. The band now sounds better than ever, and they have already started writing material for their next album release.


1. Becoming what you're after
2. Climbing sidewalks
3. Resist your bones
4. Threshold
5. Blacklist mercy
6. Acceleration atheist
7. Finding the damage
8. Dead not late
9. Dislocate
10. The last patrol
11. Solid approach


Kjartan Ericsson (guitar/vocals/percussion)
Bård Bøge (bass/vocals/synth/samples)
Cato Olaisen (drums)

the hard side of life
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