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Birth / The End


Spinefarm Records / Soulfood
August 2007


The name “agonizer” is nicked from the cosmic pop-cultural phenomenon that is known as Star Trek. Some may have heard about it. That’s enough of the conversation about the band’s monicker.

Their brand of choice is heavy metal, and as they say good melodies have not died from the metal scene. Agonizer hails from Pyhäjärvi, Finland and let out it’s first cry in 1998. These cries were subsequently caught on tape in the form of the demo “Eternal Nights”. It was the following release that started getting attention for the band. This effort was the beginning of a collaboration with Mr. Kippo and his famed Astia-studios. The band’s second singer with his not-so-ordinary heavy metal voice was the perfecting figure in the equation known as Agonizer.

After the third demo “Lord of Lies” the band was approached by Century Media records, but in the end, after lengthy negotiations, no deal was signed. The band was bummered, to sum up the feelings politely.

We move on to release number five, which at this point was a self-released EP, consisting of four songs, and this time more and more things started to happen. Agonizer was selected from 148 bands to compete in Finnish Metal Expo’s demo contest. They shared place number 2 but contracted a club gig with Tuska Open Air festival.

Also the band was appointed to represent Finland in Wacken’s well-known “Metal Battle”- contest. This time they were among the six best bands. This was followed by getting picked up on the Nuclear Blast demo contest from a crowd 1500 rivaling bands. Alas, the band did not triumph this time either. Bummer, again.

Not to be downtrodden by any of this the band once more entered Astia-studios, but this time with the sincere purpose of recording their first full-length album. And yet they were unsigned.

After “Birth/The End” was recorded and promotional copies sent out, and we don’t know how long people can hold their breaths in anticipation, but maybe it worked because since this April the band has belonged to Spinefarm Records’ roster.

I doubt that after all this the guys needed much coercing before signing the contract.


1. Prisoner
2. Harmless Hero
3. Everyone Of Us
4. Hazardous
5. Prophecy
6. Sleepless
7. Black Sun
8. The Birth And The End


Pasi Kärkkäinen / Vocals
Patrik Laine / Keyboards
J-P Perälä / Guitar
Joni Laine / Guitar
Jussi Tikka / Bass
Atte Palokangas / Drums

the hard side of life
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