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Ghost Of Devotion
Depressed Mode


Firebox Records


Depressed Mode came out of the darkness late in 2005, with a song called Suicidal Sorrow, which developed to a song called "Words Of Silence". In the beginning of 2006 followed songs called "The Sun Is Dead", "So Long Unreal" and "Fallen Angel". At that point Ossy decided not to add guitars to the songs, but after a while DM got so much comments about not having guitars, so Ossy decided to ask a good friend of his (Tomppa Turpeinen) to play heavy guitars to these songs. After one recording session Tomppa wanted to join DM. The new versions got so much good feedback, that Natalie Koskinen (Shape Of Despair) contacted Ossy. After a while Natalie was willing to sing female vocals to DM songs.

Summer of 2006, a few new songs were made (Cold, Ghosts Of Devotion etc.) and DM decided to record an Promo cd. A French underground label got interrested of DM by hearing the songs thru MySpace.com and DM and the label begun to work on a deal, but no deal was made by the label, cause of copyright payments.

After a month Firebox got interested of DM and offered a deal for two albums. In October 2006, Natalie record her vocals to the first album. In December 2006 Ossy handed over the mixing process to Jori Haukio (ex. Mors Principium Est guitar player). Jori started the process in January 2007. In the meantime DM found a bass player, Jani Lamminpää. Jani is and old band mate of Ossy and Tomppa, so it was easy to make the decision.

In March 2007 Jori finished the mixing, and in April he finished mastering the album.
Now you can hear the result of the debut album of Depressed Mode!

Enjoy and be depressed!


1. Alone
2. So Long
3. Words Of Silence
4. Suffer In Darkness
5. Ghosts Of Devotion
6. The Sun Is Dead
7. Fallen Angel
8. Dunkelheit (Burzum cover)
9. Cold


Ossy Salonen - Vocals, Synth
Natalie Koskinen - Vocals
Tomppa Turpeinen - Guitars, Bass

Session musicians:
Marko Tommila – Drums
Jani Lamminpää - Bass
Jori Haukio - Cello
Marissa Marjamäki - Backing Vocals

the hard side of life
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