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Fall Of The Leafe


Firebox Records


Grown to an age, and deep beyond its melodic death metal origin, Fall of the Leafe has found an increasingly personal style. Scandinavian metal is still there, still, but not alone. There is something from the pioneering gothic rock bands, and a taste of grunge. Give it a second spin, and hints of the personal likings of musicians will come forward – from 70’s action rock to guitar driven British rock.

This sixth album features Fall of the Leafe’s trademark songwriting and weaves together a thick texture of atmospheric metal and shameless groove. The rhythmic base is laid down by drummer Aaltonen and bass player Miska Lehtivuori. Guitarists Gustafsson and Hänninen work crunching riffs and melodic leads. They make Fall of the Leafe a largely a guitar driven environment for keyboard player Hannuniemi and vocalist Tuominen.

Lyrically Aerolithe takes a grip of things with pieces of short prose. The wrongs, the rights, and everything in between, and how things just don’t connect right. Vantage often reads like a very direct storyline or monologue more than anything.


1. Opening
2. All the Good Faith
3. Drawing Worry
4. Lithe
5. At A Breath´s Pace
6. Graceful Retreat
7. Sink Teeth Here
8. Minor Nuisance
9. Especially By Stealth
10. Look Into Me
11. Closure


Tuomas Tuominen - voice
Jussi Hänninen - guitars
Kaj Gustafsson - guitars
Petri Hannuniemi – keyboards
Miska Lehtivuori – bass guitar
Matias Aaltonen – drums


Evanescent, Everfading (Defiled Records, 1998)
August Wernicke (Icarus Music, 2000)
Fermina (Icarus Music, 2002)
Volvere (Rage of Achilles, 2004)
Volvere + 2 digipack (Firebox, 2005)
Vantage (Firebox, 2005)
Aerolithe (Firebox, 2007)

the hard side of life
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