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The Glassy Waters


Manitou Music / Thundering Records / Twilight


Midwinter story goes back to the year 2000. At that time, Chauty bros were playing in a rock-metal female fronted outfit called Nutshell. Nothing was somehow concrete and the guys were still looking for their style to define. The arrival of the youngest of the three Chauty brothers on keyboards, marked a turning point as a more symphonic aspect was introduced in Nutshell's music. A French national TV channel invited the band to perform one of their songs live during a stupid show but in front of an audience of millions of people !

Still, something was missing and as the four guys were heading for a style defined as Symphonic Gothic Heavy Metal, a soprano female singer was asked to join Midwinter.

In 2003, Midwinter entered studio to record its first full-length album with Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson, from the Heavy Metal band Heavenly. Ten songs were recorded and they finally got a contract deal with Thundering Records for a release planned in early 2004.

Unfortunately, Luc, one of the Chauty brothers died on the 26th of May 2004, but Midwinter decided to continue the adventure. After a few line up changes, Midwinter worked hard to give a second life to the band. Mainly compared to all Nightwish-like, the band decided to explore new musical horizons.

'The Glassy Waters', their new album presents a more mature band. Still produced by PE Pellisson (Heavenly), Midwinter adds to its Symphonic Heavy Speed female fronted band some more Gothic & sometimes Rock touches as well as more classic Heavy parts. Then, this new album contains Speed Metal hymn as well as a surprising Guns&Roses classic 'Sweet Child'O'Mine' cover ! Best of two worlds?


Black Hole Attraction
Seed of Pain
The Cripple
One Day You'll Set in the Land Where You Belong
One in a Hole
The Silence of Your Eyes
Sweet Child O'Mine
My Fury

the hard side of life
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