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Behind The Shadows Lie Madness


Candlelight Records / Soulfood
May 2007


"Complex, inspired and exploratory this is the kind of boldly cinematic death metal that demands to be relished. This is truly astonishing, world-class music." – Dom Lawson, Kerrang! Dec 2003

Formed in 1998 under their original name of Imperator, Leon Macey (guitars/drums) and Rayner Coss (oratory/bass) grabbed the UK underground by the throat in making their very personal take on extreme metal a reality rather than just a passing ideology with 1999's "God's Among Men" MCD. The following success of their 2001 "Dreaming In Splendour" MCD saw the same year making of and 2002 release of their crushingly brutal debut album, "Forever Advancing ... Legions".

Putting a new market in place for their contemporaries to level with, "Forever..." pushed the boundaries of death metal, breaking into unmapped territory with its heavier than thou delivery and its refreshingly non-rebellious-miles-away-from-the-norm concept; a barbaric and often uncomfortable chronological journey through history setting off with the ancient Roman Empire, encased brilliantly between what has evolved to become their trademark instrumental sections.


1. The Journey And The Forsaken
2. To Fall From The Heavens
3. Under The Three Spheres
4. Into Black Holes of Oblivion
5. When The Light Fades Away
6. Behind The Shadows
7. Awaken Man and Stone
8. The Twisted Tower
9. To Where The Sun Never Sets
10. The Beacon Beckons
11. Thrown Upon The Waves
12. Into The Unknown

the hard side of life
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