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Grave Condition


Soulseller Records


Norwegian Thrashers BLOOD TSUNAMI finally return with a new album! And they're even grumpier, filthier and harder than ever before. The guys did leave the mothership in the hangar for a few years, but even if it's been quiet, there's absolutely no sign of slowing down. BLOOD TSUNAMI still thrash like a great white shark in a colony of seals! The foursome warsome have been involved in various bands during the past few years. Peter started up his old band Hellride. Faust did a reunion with Emperor, and both of them have been involved with Djevel and Studfaust. Dor had some fun in The Ass and Rivera, and Carl... well, as usual he's been sitting on his porch chewin' tobacco, cussin' and spittin'.

Anyway, BLOOD TSUNAMI's new offering “Grave Condition” is a kick in the teeth! From the ferocious opening track "Poison Tongue" to the final attack "Steel Meets Steel" this album delivers a relentless violent beating. Four new tracks and five older ones, but still previously unreleased, is what they serve you. So, turn it up and dive into this bloody brew of Thrash Metal with a touch of Punk and Classic Heavy Metal. Indeed a highly addictive blend!

Band statement: "This release was originally intended to be a little 7" with only four new songs. Cool enough, but then we started lookin' thru some old stuff and found some unreleased tracks. They're raw and rough, with warts and all. Bam! Suddenly we had an album. And we dig it! Like a grave! Indulge!"

"Poison Tongue" - Official track stream: https://youtu.be/SrkuEl2D8z8


1. Poison Tongue
2. The Allegory Of The Cave
3. The Collapse
4. Gargoyle
5. The Acid King
6. The Cruel Leading The Fool
7. In The Dungeon Of The Rats
8. For Faen i Hælvete!
9. Steel Meets Steel


Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem – Guitar & Vocals
Carl Thomas Morales Janfalk – Bass
Bård G. Eithun - Drums
Kristoffer “Dor” Sørensen – Guitar

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