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Warring Factions


Candlelight Records / NAP / Soulfood
23.05.2008 (GER)


Ansur was formed as a three piece band in 2003, consisting of three young metalheads from Drammen, Norway. After a Demo/EP release on Nerbilous Prod. entitled "Carved In Flesh", Ansur began working on "Axiom", their debut album - a cold and eerie album based in black metal, with progressive touches. The band was picked up by Nocturnal Art, which released the album through Candlelight Records in 2006.

Though numerous live appearances, the band begun writing for a new album in early '06, wanting to recreate their sound through innovation and originality. The result was a working project called "Warring Factions", wich later became a pre-production and recording process spanning over one year. Former second guitarist Stian Svenne parted ways with the band just before recording, and the band would become a trio again.

"Warring Factions" is an album conveying something new and unique through the guise of progressive extreme metal. The quest for world domination has begun!


Espen Aulie: Vocals & bass
Torstein J. Nipe: Guitarist & producer
Glenn Ferguson: Drums & percussion
Audun Førde: Live keys & live acoustic guitars


1. The Tunguska Incident
2. Sierra Day
3. Phobos Anomaly
4. An Exercise In Depth Of Field
5. At His Wit's End
6. Cloudscaper
7. Prime Warring Eschatologist