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Death To All


Regain Records / Soulfood


NECROPHOBIC is one of very few bands left from the early Swedish black/death metal underground scene that is still going strong and is today considered a cult act from those days, also a source for inspiration for new and upcoming acts of the scene of today.

After nearly 20 years of existence and five very successful full-length albums it´s time for NECROPHOBIC to raise the flag of hate again. It´s time to show the world their brand new album “Death To All”!

It´s not just a title, it´s a statement!


Tobias Sidegård - Vocals
Sebastian Ramstedt - Guitar
Johan Bergebäck - Guitar
Joakim Sterner - Drums
Alex Friberg - Bass


1. Celebration Of The Goat
2. Revelation 666
3. La Santisima Muerte
4. For Those Who Stayed Satanic
5. Temple Of Damnation
6. The Tower
7. Wings Of Death
8. Death To All
I. The Summoning
II. Triumph Of The Horned
III. ... And Jesus Wept