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Like Sheep Led To Slaugther


Originally hailing from the mean streets of NYC, the band was formed in 1993 when Afzaal and former drummer Fred Waring decided to put together a female fronted metal band. A mutual photographer friend put ground breaking vocalist Karyn Crisis in touch with the two musicians, while bassist Gia Chaun Wang was found through a newspaper ad and later invited into the band.
The powerful dynamics of Crisis were obvious from the first rehearsal and became more incredible since; as noted by anyone who watched their awe-inspiring live sets! The band originally signed with Too Damn Hype Records and released their eight song debut “8 Convulsions”. They then sign to Metal Blade Records and released the highly acclaimed “Deathshead Extermination” in 1996 and “The Hollowing” in 1997. During this period the band relentlessly tours in the USA and Europe.

In the beginning of 2000, they moved to Los Angeles to shake things up on the West Coast. Live shows continue and after a short hiatus the band decides to enter the studio to begin working on a new album, entitled “Like Sheep Led To Slaughter” together with famed producer Billy Anderson.

A continual evolution from their previous albums, Crisis manage to once again offer another true original full of head-spinning songwriting complexity. Fully showcasing the band’s (dis)harmonic balance of dark art metal and experimental hardcore the music implores relentless waves of primal energy and unmitigated brutality! The result is a cathartic sonic experience fully embraced by the apocalyptic lyrics of Karyn Crisis, who once again, delivers an impressive array of contrasting and insanely captivating unique vocal styles!

Current line-up includes original members Karyn Crisis, Afzaal Nasiruddeen, and Gia Chaun Wang, with the welcome addition of guitarist Jwyanza Hobson and Josh Florian on drums.