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10 Steps To Hell

Formed in 2001, Grimfist is guitarist Ole Walaunet, vocalist Frediablo and original drummer - former Immortal skinsman Horgh. Ghouls of Grandeur, recorded at Abyss Studios and produced by Peter Tagtgren, remains one of Candlelight’s best sounding records with a bold mix and robust sound. It has sold 10,000 copies around the world and today continues to sell.

Grimfist’s 2003 debut, Ghouls of Grandeur, was a death metal bitch slap that instantly impressed metal legions around the world. Digital Metal called the record “pure death metal fury,” while Orlando Weekly says, “Grimfist ruthlessly pounds out a combination of bloodcurdling death rage and rumblingly heavy thrash.”

Returning with Ten Steps to Hell, recorded at SubSonic Society and mixed at Fredman Studios, this three-piece further confirm their determination with a record that is molten and metal to the bloody core.

Another stellar production, Ten Steps to Hell is a riff assault and this album certainly takes the band to the next level, combining speed, heaviness, and darker atmospheric elements. Guitars and vocals both firmly present an in-your-face style wrap around an intense rhythm that recalls what made the initial thrash genre so energetic. And talk about drums! Let your ears bear witness to the human machine that is new full-time member Christian Svendsen.

Touring will be a high focus for Grimfist through 2006 with the band already targeting US audiences. The Grimfist plague is spreading – expect the unexpected.