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Pilgrims Of Morbidity / Thresholds Of Morbidity
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Darkness Shall Rise Productions


Darkness Shall Rise Productions proudly presents the official release of FESSUS' debut demo "Pilgrims Of Morbidity" - featuring additional live bonustracks on the CD version.

A festering new entity (de)composed of dwellers from the Viennese underworld! Let their ri­ff-laden, rotten death metal lead you on a pilgrimage into the furthest corridors of morbidity.

"Pilgrims Of Morbidity" was recorded in the summer of 2023 by Moritz Morast in Favoriten Vienna and mastered by Dan Lowndes of Resonance Sound Studios.


1. Acidic Secretion
2. Pilgrims of Morbidity
3. Unmoored
4. Intro - Acidic Secretion (live) *
5. Pointless Anguish (live) *
6. Pilgrims of Morbidity (live) *
7. Asphyxiate in Exile (live) *
8. Unmoored (live) *

* Live-Bonus on CD ("Thresholds of Morbidity")


Brenton - Guitars, Vocals
Jana - Bass
Thomas - Drums
Gumpf - Guitars

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