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Tears Of The Gorgon
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No Remorse Records


Featuring members from bands such as Mirror, Friends Of Hell, and Solitary Sabred, MARCH TO DIE is a new entity smashing modern metal. Highly recommended for fans of old legends like Manowar and Bathory, even newer bands that are following this path such as Grand Magus and Eternal Champion, MARCH TO DIE are delivering uncompromised sword-wielding Epic Heavy Metal that bows to none.

The band is based in Cyrpus & Greece, and “Tears Of The Gorgon” is the debut full-length. Live shows will be scheduled for 2024. Tas Danazoglou is a world acclaimed tattoo artist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, also member of other bands such as Mirror, Friends Of Hell, and Satan's Wrath, while he also served as a bass player of Electric Wizard (2008-2012) recording with them the "Black Masses" album. Nikolas Moutafis is also the guitarist of Mirror, Hardraw, Solitary Sabred, and also a producer, mixing and mastering engineer. Drummer Hugo Enrique Olivos comes from the extreme death metal territory and he is also a member of Mirror.

Cover painting by Peter Rubens, 1618.

"Stand And Be Counted" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/ZCzhyfLp_AY


1. The Eternal Oath
2. One Eyed King
3. Hail To Thee
4. Son Of The Old Gods
5. Helmetsmasher
6. March To Die
7. Stand And Be Counted
8. Decapitation
9. Tears Of The Gorgon


Alex Danazoglou - Vocals, Guitar
Nikolas Sprits Moutafis - Guitar
Anastasios Danazoglou - Bass
Hugo Enrique Olivos - Drums

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